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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Oy vay!

Well, I'm taking some more time off work, but not because I want to!

It's weird how the fates work at times, and in a call center environment, the fates can be very devilish. Suffice it to say that someone I tried to help didn't like the caliber of help and made complaints that held as much water as a leaky sieve. However, because TIIC seem to feel I have a "history" of being mean to customers (had been on disciplinary action before for this so-called history, but the d/a's were pending greivance through the union waiting for a district vp to be elected.), I am now on suspension, pending the possibility of termination.

On the good side, the union is standing behind me, and will try to get me reinstated. It's now just a wait and see. Also on the good side, I have my health (despite an itchy scar!), can get up whenever the need arises, my husband has a good job, we have our house and our kitties, and each other. We are blessed. I am blessed. And many friends both on line and in real life have been supportive.

On the bad side, this event sent me into a depression of major porportions. I just didn't care, didn't eat, and didn't do anything for me for a few days. Well, the pity party is over, and no matter what happens about the job, well, there are always options out there, and sitting on my arse won't bring them to me.

The union is getting poised to strike, having given the company 24 hours notice that the current contract, which was on a day-by-day extension since April 7 (actually, we gave 30 days notice that day of a strike, as the contract expired April 3) so that means that my grievance is on hold. *sigh*

Well, things could be worse.


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