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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sutter Has Left Twitter

Actually, I'm not happy about this at all. But, the cover from the Bon Jovi CD 'Have a Nice Day' kinda sums out what my feelings about the media bloggers out there who led to the ultimate black hole in the twitterverse caused by the depature of Kurt Sutter, showrunner extraordinaire of FX's Sons of Anarchy.

Kurt is (I refuse to use the past tense, as the man ain't dead!) a breath of fresh air in a land of fantasy, where image is substance and substance is a void. He calls things for what they are, regardless of whose ego got skewered. Network execs, actors, politicians, the everyday man or woman received equal treatment from him. He doesn't sugar coat anything. Sometimes he used very colorful metaphors.

He never stuck to one subject, and he always took the time to answer a fan, or to retweet a fan's tweet when requested. He recognizes talent in writing and applauds those who use their talent while chatising those content to take the easy way out. The ultimate praise a blogger or critic could receive from him was to be considered c**tless. Alas, he never commented on my blog.

Because Kurt walks to a much different drummer than the establishment in Hollyweird, he's often targeted by the bloggers and journalists he considered lazy. Hell, I can't blame him, back in the days before the WWW, makin' up a story the way they do now from a line or two was frowned upon as unethical. Now it seems to be the 'in' thing.

Y'see, when I worked as reporter, you picked up the phone, made a call, set up an interview, kept the appointment, took notes (and/or made a tape if you were in radio or television), wrote the story, and there you were. Nowadays, so called journalists surf the web to take their quotes, and unfortunately, if a story isn't there, they make it up out of bits and pieces.

And that's what led eventually to Kurt deciding to pull an Eric Cartman and sayin' "Screw you guys, I'm goin' home!". Not to the fans, but having a target on his back, and having every tweet he posted dissected, taken wrong, misconstrued, and otherwise misused by every wanna - be hacker with a keyboard and a modem. He is probably tired of being the media's whipping boy, and I can't say as I blame him.

Frankly, I felt if he left Twitter, the asshats out there would parade around like the Munchkins in 'Wizard of Oz' singin' 'Ding Dong the Warlock's Dead!'. So far, they've been amazingly silent. I doubt the golden bliss of silence from them will last.

But the people who are truly hurtin' in all these are those of us fans who follow Kurt because he just lightened our day. Remember the old Anita Bryant Florida orange juice commercial? The tag line was 'A day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine.'

Kurt's tweets could make us laugh when the day turned shitty. If he answered one of your tweets, you felt special. If he retweeted your tweet, you felt just as special. I have a special internet folder of the facebook response and the tweetbacks I got from him. They're more precious than gold to me.

It might be possible that he'll come back to the twitterverse in the future. One can hope. In the meantime, there's a big, black hole there where his tweets shone on the twitterverse. I hope his account doesn't go nova.


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