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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Open Letter to the IN Democrats

"Rabble, rabble, rabble, rumble, rabble!"

That's the sound of your consituency - Republicans, Democrats, and gosh durned Independents - fed up to the teeth with your shenanigans in the statehouse this year.

What in God's name is wrong wtih all y'all that you will not do the job you are bein' paid to do, which is to debate and vote laws? Do you think that this little temper tantrum all y'all are havin' is winnin' anyone to your side?

You do?

For real?

Holy backward thinking, Batman! The Demos really believe it!

OK, all kiddin' and jokes aside, Pat Bauer and the Indiana Democrats, which happen to be the minority party this year, are acting like spoiled brats who need their asses whipped with a good old fashioned wooden paddle. Enough is enough, and Bauer's latest volley is beyond asinine.

The Demos have their drawers in a wad about a bill about Right to Work. It basically means that employers cannot force workers who don't want union representation to still pay dues to the union. Unions, naturally, are against this. The Democrats are against it, and last year, in order to prevent the bill from being heard, ran off to IL for five weeks, which meant nothin' got done in the statehouse. It also meant Illinois businesses (hotel, food, gas, laundry, office supplies) got a bit of a financial boon from the Indiana Democrats for that period.

Well, this year, they can't run off to another state, but they're still refusin' to do their work. Ours is a so called 'part time' legislature. Most of these representatives have careers that generate five or six figure incomes the remaining 9 months of the year. In fact, bein' a legislator in Indiana can net one more in three months what it takes people workin' minimum wage to earn in a full year!

So when these yay hoos get up on their high horse and say they're defending their peeps by their behavior, it really makes me see red. Can you imagine what would happen if you or I, the average hourly wager earner, were to walk into work and refuse to do the job we're bein' paid (yet demand to be paid for showin' up)? Answer, we'd be on the unemployment line. Plain and simple.

The legislature has a policy in place to 'persaude' these stubborn people to do their job. They can fined $1000 a day for every day that they don't show for work AND WORK! Sure, the Demos have been at the statehouse, and maybe they've been in 'caucus', but they still haven't done any WORK.

Now the aforementioned leader of the minority party, the (spew alert) 'honorable' Patrick Bauer, has come out on record that if the fines are levied, he will go to our already overloaded court system to get a court order preventing the fines!?!?!?!!!!

I have one word for Mr. Bauer:


You say that you want to put the matter to the voters in the form of a referendum. The majority party has indicated their willingness to do this. Fine. Put it to us, then. We're ready for it. You may not like what you get, but we'll vote on the matter. Then maybe you'll shut the duck up and find something new to whine about.

I get that you think it's an important matter. But as one of your supervisors, theoretically speakin', I've got to tell you that this is a dangerous game all y'all are playin' with your job. You may think you're invincible, but you CAN be voted out of office, and November is NOT that far away.

Get off your whiny ass up off your cushioned office chair and get your collective butts into that chamber and start workin'! It's what you're bein' paid for.

As it is, when the time comes for your review in November, you're gonna be cryin' one hell of a lot harder than you are now.

And you can take that to the bank.


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