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Thursday, June 20, 2013

If You Don't Like My Tweets or Comments, This is My Answer to You.

I've said it before on this blog, and it obviously bears repeatin'.  Fans are NOT owed a damn thing from the actors, writers, producers, directors, and/or showrunners of any movie or television show (or book or anything else for that matter).  When people start makin' demands  that are extremely irrational, irresponsible, and impolite, someone needs to say somethin'.

Yes, this an SOA related rant, but it goes for just about everything else in Life, the Universe, and Everything.   With the increased access to social (and sometimes NOT so social) networking, people all over the world have a chance to connect.  The now nearly dead MySpace started it, then came Facebook, and people could share likes, thoughts, stories, pictures, and all manner of things.  Along came Twitter, which allows people to post thoughts or links to pictures using 140 characters or less. 

The one problem with Twitter and it's character limit, is that sometimes people can be misunderstood, especially if 'selective' editing is done.  I'm afraid that yours truly fell headfirst into such a pitfall Tuesday night.  Yet, the underlying rudeness of the 'selectively' edited post remains present, for all the whinin' and complainin' of the original poster.

This had to do with Mr. Sutter's weekly Q and A sessions on Twitter.  He picks random tweets (of which he probably receives hundreds of thousands) to answer about the show.  Sometimes his responses are snarky, sometimes they are poking back at the absurdity of the poster.  Is it right?  Some would say 'No, that's rude' and they're probably right.  However, most anyone who has followed the man for any length of time knows goin' in to the Q and A what could happen if a completely 'dumb' question is asked.  Anyone that has read the blogs and/or watched 'WTFSutter' on YouTube also knows this. 

So, Tuesday night, because of the pressures of production, he posted that there might not be a Q and A session on Twitter.  One particular poster, who will remain nameless, made a sarcastic retort to him that apparently set his literary teeth on edge.  The poster stated "Whateva! You got rid of Q&A on WTF & this Q&A is way too late for east coast fans.<< It's a good thing we luv ya>>.

Sutter quoted the tweet, but cut off the line I put in <<  >> to call the poster an ingrate.  And I agree with that observation.  The only reason my oar got into it at all was that he then posted 'fucking cat people', and several texts and emails came my way about it.  All  I saw was the 'selectedly edited' post and his response as I do not follow the poster.  Nor did any of the poster's defenders that ripped into me on twitter bothered to REPOST (or in twitter terms RETWEET) the 'selectively edited' post. 

Yes, I called the BEHAVIOR and the comment 'cunty'.  Complainin' about the lateness of the Q and A for one part of the country was completely uncalled for.  It was NOT silly or funny, and I don't blame Mr. Sutter for gettin' his drawers in a wad and callin' the poster out as an ingrate.  Considerin' that the man has a small daughter, two young adult step children, a wife and a very demanding career, the fact that he makes time to tweet to the masses, record the video log (vlog?) every week, AND do a weekly Q and A at a reasonable time of day for him (West Coast time), the fan base should say 'thank you' for that effort, instead of complainin' that 8pm PST is too late for the East Coast to participate! 

As they say on the show "Jesus Christ!"

Well, because I called the BEHAVIOR and comment what I did, when the next came, there were tweets in my email referrin' to my Twitter name with just as nasty adjectives as I used. 

So let me get this straight, the poster, by the contents of the tweet, was just kiddingly criticising the time frame for the Q and A sessions, and it wasn't to be taken as a destructive comment, is that it?  Sorry, it don't play in Peoria, darlin'. 

Just in case it hasn't dawned on the masses (oh, in case y'all can't tell, I'm bein' 'silly and funny')  Californy is three hours behind EST, ergo, our 8PM is their 5PM.  That's rush hour time, baby.  That's also prime production time for editin' the show.  Somethin' the guy does for a livin'. It's just not fair or feasible to expect the man to kowtow to one side of the nation over the other - or one side of the globe over another.  After all, the Twitter Q and A is open to the entire world, and they're on different time zones as the West Coast and East Coast and everything in between!  Does that mean that the Q and A should be held at a time more convenient to THOSE areas too?  Based on the poster, it would seem so. 

That's the attitude that I found objectionable, and while the adjective used to describe the behavior in a subsequent post to Mr. Sutter (He was asked what's wrong with cat people and he responded they own cats.  My tweet: yes, I do. Don't let the cunty behavior of one cat owner spoil things for all of us. =^^=) might've been harsh,.  It was intended to be.  I'm damn sick and tired of the 'it's owed to me' mentality that exists these days.  It's not just in fandom, it's all over. 

Feel like someone has something better than you? Then it's your right to demand the same thing whether you've earned it or not. Someone takes time to do something nice but you don't think it's good enough? Complain to the person and tell them they have to kowtow to your wants and needs to validate you but don't say thanks for doin' what you do and would you consider a different time. 

What the hell ever happened to courtesy? 

No, I'm not apologizin' for callin' the behavior and the comment what I did.  It was well deserved.  Callin' me nasty adjectives  by the original poster and crew was one thing.  The people on my follow/followers lists who retweeted and favorited the posts that referred to me by name hurt - and was uncalled for.  Did I refer to the poster?  NO.  Did I deserve to be referenced by my handle?  NO.   Why some people felt the adjestives used on my twitter handle, when the original poster was not (and still is not) named were in my ONE post  were worth retweetin' and favoritin' is beyond me.  All these people rushed to the original poster's defense, referrin' to me over and over again with nastier adjectives than I used, but apparently that's OK

Some of those people that did the favoritin' and retweetin' of those nasty adjectives left me shakin' my head because some of them came from people I thought were friends.    You think you know people you post with, and defended against lies and the like on line, and have appreciated all they have done for you, and then they favorite a comment that calls you, by name, out of your name?  Wow.  What a wonderful, glorious feeling of friendship I feel.  (Oh, just bein' silly and funny -- NOT!)

And that's what prompted this blog.  I'm sure that the anonymous postings I allow on here will hide behind that handle to spew their vitriolic diatribes.  Spew away, baby!  I'll post it here, cause unlike y'all that hide behind Anonymous, I'll stand by my posts.  And my blog.

The interestin' thing is that the whole entire thing could've been avoided if the original post had been reposted IN ITS' ENTIRETY instead of the poster whinin' and cryin' about bein' 'selectively edited'.  All it would've taken was a simple copy/paste of the original post under the poster's handle or Retweet by one of the defenders that I followed.  The edited line would've been seen.

But no, it was easier for the poster to cry 'Woe is me! I'm bein' disrespected!  It was just bein' silly and funny and misunderstood!  It was edited!  I was set up! Get a sense of humor!' and then the callin' me out by name. 

So be it.  Someone earlier this week posted that it's a lot easier to block and unfollow the trolls.  Sometimes, however, you just need to vent.

So to the person(s) who called me out as they did, the picture above is for you, baby.  For the people who retweeted and favorited, same thing.

You see, I don't give a fuck whether you like what I write or say or the words used.  I call 'em as they're seen.  If that means followers and friends unfollow and unfriend, so be it.  What I can't tolerate is being sacrificed on some altar for sayin' what's on my mind and bein' nice enough to keep the original author's name out of it.  Too bad the same fuckin' courtesy wasn't shown to me!

And that's what hurts.    I call 'em as I see 'em, and if that means I lose friends, followers, or whatever, I can live with that.


End of line Let the fur fly!


Blogger Sandybeaches181 said...

I couldn't have said it any better. Like I told you before some people just don't get it and never will sadly.

August 9, 2013 at 11:44 PM  

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