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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I took an awfully long walk. . .

around the circle today. Something I couldn't have done without stopping to rest my aching back and huff and puff two months ago.

Today I participated in a rally for our union at the downtown headquarters, which itself takes up a good city block (length wise and half block width wise). Despite the status at work, I am still part of the union, and was welcome by them to participate. So, DH let me off out front, and I held my sign proclaiming "we want job security" (a bit ironic to those of us who knew my situation). Several co-workers were present, using their lunch hour to participate, and seemed happy to see me.

Besides chanting in front the building, we marched to Monument Circle, in the heart of downtown. It's just a block away from work, and I did the whole thing, to and from the monument and around it, without having to stop. It took a little longer than most people, but to me, that was an accomplishment!

Also had a chance to talk to the major union reps, with the four day action this weekend, we'll see what happens with the contract. My greivance was filed before the contract termination occurred, but things are just up in the air right now, as to be expected. But, they seem encouraged, so we'll see what happens.


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