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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wierd Shit That Makes My Hair Hurt

So the Indiana Democrats spent 30 days in another state to avoid voting on bills they didn't like, only to FINALLY return to work this week and guess what? They voted on one of those bills they didn't like after all.

To top it off, some Republicans actually voted along with the Dems against the frackin' bill to subsidize vouchers for private schools for low income students!

Makes me wonder why the donkey flight across the borders in the first place!

Whankers, the whole lot of 'em.

Speakin' of whankers, TIIC at the NCAA just never cease to amaze me with their dictates.

Point in fact. The star player for Butler University has family in Conncersville. His parents and siblings wanted to go to the final four game in Houston, and Jim Irsay, owner of the Colts, offered to pay their way to go. Nice thing for the man to do, IMO.

Stop! Halt! No way! Don't you go there! Says the NCAA. That's against our rules. Unless Irsay drives the couple of hours to Connersville and donates in person to the fund to send the family to Houston. That he can do. But buying their tickets to the game, tickets for the airplane trip, lodging, travel in Houston, and giving it to the family outright is against the rules.


The good news is, the family is going, en masse. All nine of 'em. Not sure how Mr. Irsay got the money to the parents, but he did, and the people of Connersville have banded together to get the money together for the entire Howard family to watch their boy play.

As it should be.

Take that, whankers at the NCAA.

Don't get me wrong, rules are rules, and should be applied. I'm not sure what the rule is, and really don't see anything wrong with a NFL owner with lots of money paying the way for a family member of a basketball team to see their son play the game in another city over a thousand miles away. Guess the NCAA is afraid of unfair influence for the Colts? Does Butler have a football team? (No).

It's shit like this that makes my hair hurt. Thanks to Steve Simpson of WIBC - FM for that wonderful phrase.

Now, to end on a positive note. Unless all y'all don't live in Indiana (or if you did and had your head in the sand), then you heard about a school shooting in Martinsville. The victim, a 15 year old, is recovering slowly.

The city of Martinsville banded together Wednesday evening to hold a prayer walk/vigil for the wounded teen. That's pretty cool in my book. Not only did they do this to support the wounded kid, but many said they were prayin' for the kid that did the shootin'.

That's class. My hat's off to them. Instead of showin' anger and hate for the kid that did this senseless act, they are openin' their hearts and minds and liftin' the obviously confused soul to God for help.

We could all learn somethin' from them.

My prayers have been liftin' up for both sides as well.


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