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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today should have been a good day. The temp was up in the 50's though it's been cloudy. No rain yet, which is good, cause the creeks/rivers/lakes are high and the ground is saturated.

I just posted the second chapter of Book III of my fanfic and already got a positive review (always nice!), and another week awaits.

So why is my mood meh?

Daddy went into the hospital yesterday, he's been havin' a problem with bein' weak again and dehydrated. He kept sayin' the weakness was a side effect of medicine he was takin' for a leg infection.

The hospital is transferrin' him to the nursing home where my step - mother has been residin' for several years tomorrow. I'm hopin' he's goin' into the Physical Therapy wing. This is what happened last year about this time.

He says that at this time, there's no reason for me to make the three hour drive down. Guess we'll see what needs to be done in the next couple of days.

So I'm feelin' a little 'meh' on that point. It seems like for every step forward, he gets knocked two back. Course, when you've survived prostrate cancer for 27 years, I guess you're entitled to havin' moments when not everything goes well.

So sorry for the brevity of this post today, kids. There's a lot I'd like to say about our state legislative body not at work right now, but that's for another day.

Time to curl up with a woobie (aka, one of the cats) until the husband comes home.

Prayers, natch, are appreciated.


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