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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Real Friends Don't Ask

I use Facebook to keep in contact with friends and family, and to meet people who are fans of various genres I enjoy.

Most of the people I've friended on FB have been genuine people, interested in sharing ideas and fun. They brighten my day, and some have become close friends, not just cyber friends.

I try to research people who send me friend requests, especially when they are what I call 'blind requests'. By blind, meaning there is no introductory message with the request. Not every gets friended. It's just how I am.

Well, recently a person sent a friend request like that. I checked that person out as far as other 'mutual friends'. The person seemed OK, so I accepted the request.

Turns out the person was more interested in the recent surprise picture that another close actual friend of mine posted on my wall. I should've known something was up when the newie asked where it came from and if I thought the actor would make one for the newbie. I responded it was a gift, and the person who had posted it on my wall had 'magic'.

That should have been the end of it. Silly me. Today I get another private message asking me to ask the actual friend to have the actor make a picture not just for newbie, but for a friend of newbie.

Seriously? You did not just ask that, did you? Yeah. You did.

How kindergarten is that, anyway?

Look, it's nice that you have a webpage for the actor. The REAL friend who posted the photo to my wall did this out of love and respect for me, knowing my liking for the same actor. It was a GIFT, and a joy to receive.

It really annoys me, former newbie FB friend, that you would approach me with such a request. I value my true friends, and would NEVER ask them for something like that, nor would I ask them to do something for someone they don't know. That's really low.

The newbie is now unfriended, after getting a very terse response from me. She may weep and wail and cry that I'm being unfair. Oh, well. Cry away, baby! It's your loss.

I'm just puttin' this out there in cyber space to let all y'all know that if you can't be real, don't bother.

And I'm gonna be scrutinizing the friend requests a lot more thoroughly in the future.


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