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Friday, October 14, 2011

Mind Your Own Damn Business!

Ever since I had gastric bypass surgery over seven years ago, I've had a problem with drinking. No, I'm not an alcoholic. In fact, unlike my youth when I could drink quite a bit before gettin' thoroughly lit, it only takes a thimbleful of booze to make me drunk. So I don't.

The drinkin' problem I have is caused by the bypass, which means I have a internal stomach about the size of a softball or a fist. Not very big. It doesn't hold much, which is why I've managed not to backtrack and regain the weight. It also means that drinkin' sodas is a little hard for me. Hell, I can make a 12 pack last a month. Ask the DH, as he often gets into my stash of diet when his regular runs out. The carbination hurts me too much. I have to let soda go a little flat.

Also, the small pouch means that drinkin' for me is like pouring liquid in a funnel, too much, and it overflows the funnel, makin' a mess. If I drink too much, too soon, it's messy. And uncomfortable. I require hydration, though, and since I also can't chew gum (the possibility of swallowing gum and 'gummin' up the pouch, no pun intended is downright scary), I chew ice. It gives me the chew I crave, and the liquid I need, plus no calories.

There are other beneficial effects from eating ice, but it's not for the squeamish. Suffice it to say that fiber isn't a concern.

So, having said that, at work, I tend to get a few cups of ice at a time to see me through to first break. By few, a couple of 24 oz cups and three 20 ouncers. Some of the ice melts, but the crushed cubes are satisfying. I try not to much too loud as it can annoy people.

It really annoys me when people remark upon the amount of ice that I take at one time; just as it still annoys me when people comment upon how much I do or don't put on a plate. Hell, what business is it of theirs, anyhow? I'm leavin' plenty of ice in the dispenser for everyone else, it's not hurtin' them for me to have ice, so why the comments?

Course, people will comment upon how much I eat, and as the DH has learned, that is a very touchy subject with me. I don't comment upon the amount on all y'all's plates, kindly keep yer comments to yourself about my plate and glass ware, thank y'all very much.

Feels good to let it out. End of line.


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