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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just Don't Do It This Hallowe'en

In just a month, All Hallows Eve will be upon us. The time when children and adults dress up in costume and act like fools. Well, the adults do. The kids just dress up to get free candy from the neighbors. The adults dress up for fun and party hardy, hence, the fools part.

I won't wax nostalgic on the good old days when a kid could 'trick or treat' at night without worry of bein' harassed by nefarious preyin' adults or havin' their candy/treats tampered with. I can remember those days/nights of fun - soapin' windows, throwin' teepee on trees, tippin' outhouses (look that up on wikipedia, folks, if y'all need to ask!) - simple, harmless pranks. Unfortuantely, there ain't such an animal these days.

No, the reason for this blog is to warn otherwise intelligent adults to refrain from doin' something this Hallowe'en that might land 'em in a world of hurt. It'll probably fall on deaf ears/eyes, but I'm gonna try, anyway.


Sorry for shoutin', but sometimes that's the only way to get one's point across.

I don't care if you're makin' a denim one, or a leather one. I know damn good and well those whankers on Ebay will be sellin' the three piece patches for every frackin' state in the nation (and maybe a few countries as well), despite efforts to shut 'em down. I know everyone wants to show their love for their favorite show and/or character and dress up like 'em for Hallowe'en.

Just don't.

This conversation has been occurring on several SOA related message boards and Facebook pages. Kurt Sutter himself has come out against people who are not in the outlaw lifestyle from wearin' three piece rockers, even for fun. Even if it's just on a sweater or a shirt.

The reason for this is that outlaw bikers take their colors seriously. And their patches. They don't take kindly to fools who try to imitate them. They accept SOA for what it is, entertainment and fantasy. As Kurt has quoted some of the outlaw community, "Yeah, it's a soap opera. It's OUR soap opera!"

But there is only so much they will tolerate, and biker wanna - be's tryin' to pass as one of them is NOT tolerated. Some of their education is just a quiet word to the wise. Sometimes it's been a little more 'persuasive'. Doesn't matter if the offender is male or female. They don't like it and won't hesitate to act.

Mr. Sutter doesn't want any fan to feel the MC's ire for lovin' his show by doin' somethin' stupid. This is why he won't sell cuts (sometimes referred to as kuttes) on FX.Net. This is why he has come out publicly and repeatedly against the idea of makin' your own.

Yet, people persist in doin' so.

Maybe y'all think that you're safe because there's no outlaw MCs in your area. Think again. Maybe they aren't as active, but they have ways of knowin'.

And while we're on the subject, don't make your own cut just to have. It's just not worth it.

Mr. Sutter would want the fans to enjoy Hallowe'en; and every other day. If you want to show your support, buy the official products from FX.Net. Stay away from the Ebay whankers. Most of 'em are sellin' stuff that's not sanctioned by Sutterink, Linson Productions, Fox21, FX Network, etc. Watch the show, tell your friends. Follow Sutter's fan page on Facebook or his tweets on Twitter or his blog.



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