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Friday, February 03, 2012

Super Bowl Star Gazing

Have to admit to feelin' pretty ambivalent about the Super Bowl this year. Haven't really been interested since Da Bears were in it at the same time as the Dolts ...oops, I mean The Colts were in it. But then I rooted for Da Bears.
Indianapolis is hostin' the Super Bowl this weekend. It's an economic boon to the city, and the city has pulled out the stops in makin' what is usually a weekend blast a must go to destination for more than a week. Thanks to the on air network mornin' news shows, and a particular late night network show, y'all would basically have to have your head buried in the sand not to know about the Super Bowl Village/NFL Experience.
The Super Bowl is drawing celebrities like moths to a flame. This includes some of my favorite people from Sons of Anarchy. I don't plan to go downtown to try to see them. Sure, it'd be nice to go say hi to them, but they're comin' here to enjoy themselves and relax. To watch the game and cheer on their favorite team.
Besides, I'm realistic to know that these guys are gonna be mobbed when they're seen. The cameras will be out and they'll be bombarded by requests for pics, autographs, interviews, etc., etc., etc..
In a purrfect world, the two faves I got to meet in Fort Wayne would be happy to see me again. In a purrfect world, we'd get together in a nice, cozy, private place to meet and talk some more. In a purrfect world, the kind of in depth conversationo I got to enjoy with many of the other SOA cast in November's S4 SOA Fan Event would get to happen a second time (which couldn't happen at CycleFestUSA).
Note, that I said 'in a purrfect world.' Cat reference intended.
The world ain't purrfect. I have no expectations that this will happen. Hell, I'm a realist. Besides, it's nuts downtown, and I plan to stay away from it. The crowds I've seen on tee vee make me nervous. The DH is thinkin' of goin' downtown and takin' in the sights. He handles crowds better than I. Hope he has fun. I gotta go to work in a few anyway, and tomorrow and Sunday will be a madhouse.
The local media has done a lot about tellin' people where celebrities can be found. This is a double edged sword. Fans will flock to these places in hopes of a once in a liftime few seconds with their idols. I don't blame 'em for wantin' a chance to see, touch, meet, talk. To reach out.
Fan adoration comes with the territory. I experienced a bit of that back in my radio days. NOT to the extent that people like Adam Levine, Madonna, Jimmy Fallon, the NFL players, and my guys Mr. Coates, Mr. Rossi, and Mr. Perlman experience. But enough that I empathize with them. It's why I always tried to be respectful of them during my interactions with all the actors in November, and with Mr. Rossi and Mr. Coates in January.
My hope is that our more well known visitors will have a good time during the Super Bowl weekend. I hope they get to see the sights of Super Bowl village, sit down and enjoy a meal without interruption, and maybe get to walk along the Canal. I hope that Mr. Rossi gets to see the 9/11 memorial that he showed such interest in.
And I hope that the fans remember that there is only so much of ALL the celebrities. They only have so much time to give. I hope that all out celebrity visitors are allowed to enjoy the game without being hounded for pics, autographs, etc., whether they're in their seats, waiting in line for refreshments or the bathroom, or whatever. Think of how all y'all would feel if it happened to you.
The celebrities don't owe us ALL their time, people. They are, after all, people just like us. They're here to enjoy themselves and relax. Please let them.
(And I'm sure the brickbats will fly at me for postin' this, but I'm used to it).
Welcome to Indianapolis, enjoy the Super Bowl, our visitors from stage, screen, music, film, tee vee, etc. My wish is that you remember being here for all the RIGHT reasons. Enjoy. I'll be thinkin' of all y'all


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you are really full of yourself. Who died and made you the protector of the stars?

Do you really think thos two actors would want to see you AGAIN?

Butt out. Who are you to tell people how to approach celebrities, anyway? You don't speak for all of us!

Get a life!

February 3, 2012 at 5:13 PM  

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