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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

An Open Letter to the Creatives I follow/follow me

Who hasn't been shocked by the sad news about comedian/actor Robin Williams' apparent suicide?  A minority, to be sure.  

The man was brilliant.  Sure, he got a wee bit salty in his live stand up.  Lots of comedians did and still do.  But he was funny even when he was salty.  And acting?  I first saw Robin Williams on an episode of 'Happy Days' that introduced him to the masses and his character 'Mork'.  The power of Fonzie's thumb was played against Mork's Orkan powers.  I won't spoil the outcome for you.  

He could also do creep.  As in bad guy creep.  'One Hour Photo' stands out as an example, as does his bravo performance in 'Law and Order, SVU.'   But I loved him best in 'The Birdcage', 'Good Morning Vietnam', 'Mrs. Doubtfire', 'Hook', and 'Bicentennial Man'.  

He also had a philanthropic side.  If you don't know of what he, Billy Crystal, and Whoopi Goldberg did on cable for the homeless, check out YouTube.  There's likely clips to be found there for 'Comic Relief'.  But he also gave of his time to the 9/11 Memorial, the Christopher Reeves Foundation, UNICEF, and many more.  

It's unbelievable that someone as universally loved as him would be so sad and alone that he would take his own life, yet what do we know of his private life? Besides those tabloid tidbits about his struggles in rehab.  

It's been my privilege to become friends with many creatives - writers, producers, actors - through my fan endeavors in 'Sons of Anarchy' - I call them friends because they are friends to me.   Prior to SOA I had received some autographs from Classic Star Trek and met some of the cast, but it was the advent of social media that made it possible to communicate directly with those creatives who chose to let me do so.  

I would think that the majority of you are not battling inner demons.  It's none of my beeswax if you are or aren't.  But the one thing I want all y'all to know is I don't give a rat's ass whether you're famous or not.  I care about you for WHO you are, not that you're famous.

No matter what happens in your life, no matter how dark things are, there are people out there who do care for you because of YOU, not your celebrity.  If only Mr. Williams had known that, maybe it would've made a difference.  



Blogger Katie said...

You are so right, Myra. The celebrities I follow, I found because I enjoyed their work, the ones I love, I love because of the person I have been privileged to see behind the fame. There aren't many. They know who they are, and I hope they know they truly are loved.

August 12, 2014 at 3:05 PM  

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