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Friday, June 01, 2012

Gettin' Kicked While You're Down Part Deux

As my good friend Kurt Sutter knows - as do most of you readers of this sporadic epistle  - I have a sayin' that was borrowed from the 'Peanuts' comic characters decades ago:  "I love Mankind, it's people I can't stand!"

This day has been like that.  Hell, the month of 'meh' has been one long, drawn - out SNAFU.  Eventually, somethin' was gonna happen to drive me over the brink.  Today it happened.     

Out of the great wide open, under the sky of grey, the department manager came to my desk today.  Not to find out how I'm handlin' things since Daddy's funeral, but to have a 'coaching session' with me.

(Que music of impendin' doom) Da - da - da - dum!

'Coaching' sessions are never good news, and I went into this one with some trepidation.  The alarm bells were goin' off louder when a second manager walked into the conference room as a 'witness'. 

The department manager stated he'd received a report that I've been disregardin' a written directive about visitin' other departments on the floor, and continued to do so when taken to task for said violation by other managers.   Additionally, the report claims that I don't keep my personal issues out of the office, but it only made reference to the March incident with a former friend.  

Somethin' immediately smelled rank about that report.  It wasn't specific as to the alledged violations.  On what dates did these occur?  Which managers had confronted me?   The report was lacking in that kind of detail.   Until that moment, NO manager had spoken to me about the matter. 

The only other incident of 'personal problems invadin' the workplace' was when Daddy died.  I got the news here at work.  Did I fall all over the place weepin', wailin', moanin' and gnashin' teeth while rippin' my garments?  Hell no!   I cried a bit, sure.  My own co - workers were aware, but not the entire floor. 

This situation made me extremely angry.  The department manager had a disciplinary action form in front of him that was full ofo vague innuendo.  Hell no did I intend to sign it!  I pointed out all the questionable aspects of the report.  Any manager knows damn good and well that if you're gonna discipline an employee, it needs to be for specific reasons, not vague accusations that have NEVER been previously addressed! 

The department manager agreed with me, and is going to request additional feedback from HR before continuin' with the form.   Should be interestin' to see what comes out of it next week.

Now, I have a sneakin' suspicion that a certain someone is behind this.  Our workplace has an anonymous reporting line for ethics violations.  That someone has used it before to report people who have earned that's person's ire for an alledged slight.  It doesn't surprise me that said individual would resort to the same tactic now that I'm on their 'shit' list. 

Now, I admit to havin' stopped and been cordial to former co - workers who now work in other departments, but not in such a manner that their work has been disrupted.  Usually it's just a quick 'hi' and that's it.  The whole purpose of the edict against interdepartmental visits is to cut down on the amount of excess noise in the workplace and customers' overhearin' stuff that they don't need to hear. 

One time, I stopped on the way out to speak with a former co - worker who happens to work in the same department as former friend.  I ignored that person.  No lookin' in that individual's direction or acknowledgin' the fact of the person's existence at all and left without a bye or leave to the former friend.    Maybe that's what earned the retaliation, refusin' to pay attention to 'em.

Course, I can't prove my suspicions.  In the long run, that's all I have - suspicions.  But the circumstancial evidence is clear enough for a blind person to see.  The fact that this individual has indulged in this kind of retaliation before is another red flag.  

And that is the reason for this blog, is to publicly go on record to that individual that I know what you're up to, and it's not gonna work out the way ya want!    You're a vindictive little POS with a condenscendin' attitude that makes Cassanova look like an altar boy.  You've shown your ass too many times to customers and co - workers.  

What you've done WILL come back on ya.  I don't have to retaliate.  Karma, like me, is a real bitch.   I'll rely on Karma to do her dance on ya.

And I hope she wears spike heels when she does it.  More pain that way.

In the meantime, it's rather ironic that this happened on the fourth week from Daddy's death.  How much pain is a person supposed to take, anyway?   I'm oversaturated as it is.

Nor did help that I had to argue with a certain mail order pharmacy CSR to try to get Daddy's 2009 - 2010 payment history released to give to the accountant.   That's been an on - goin' thing for the last six months, and the CSR was just as snide and condescendin' as the former friend can be.  I wound up demandin' a supervisor who got things done in five minutes!  

Though I won't believe it until the information arrives in the mail. 

So, next Thursday evening is the memorial service at Annual Conference.  I got my half day off, so I'll be able to go.  Then comes Father's Day.  

I'm dreadin' that day.

The schedule is out, and I have that weekend off.  Gonna run down to Daddy's to do more straightenin' up, sortin' and packin' things for sale and/or donation.  

Le sigh.


Blogger Helena Hanbasket said...

People are such ASSTWATS sometimes. And YOU are such an awesome person. Just keep being YOU no matter what, okay?

June 2, 2012 at 3:00 AM  

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