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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Thoughts from Saturday

Heard from one of the job contacts today (OK, it was Friday).  Called them back and now we're playing phone tag.   At least they called.  That's something.

DH took me to dinner tonight, I had some decadent blueberry cheesecake and it didn't make me sick.  We share the cheesecake, and I had a couple of bites.   DH doesn't do blueberries often, but he did so this time, just for me.
A good friend has a birthday coming up.  I'm giving him my VHS copies of some films: V, Robocop, Star Trek because we have them on DVD now.  He'll appreciate them, even previously viewed.  And, I have a comic book for him.   Like me, he's a comic book fiend, though I'm not as bad about it as in my wanton youth. 

This weekend, will try to get some semblance of order into the back room, which is our dining room and video/music library.  The DR table, which we rarely use anymore, has become quite cluttered.  It's time to make some order out of chaos.  


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