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Friday, December 02, 2011

Who Needs Soapnet when Real Life is like an Episode of Jerry Springer?

(With apologies of sorts to Mr. Springer).
The happenings on Facebook in the last 24 hours has all the makings of a Jerry Springer cum soap opera all tied together without benefit of the bleep button.
While I was at work, the events occurring with the SOA.Net page and admins, of which I am a part, continued to boil and bubble like the three sisters cauldron in Shakespeare. During my wee break, I was tryin' to play catch up and keep a few people informed of what was goin' on.
This included a marathon telephone call after work (marathon in my lexicon is anything more than 10 minutes, so no offense meant to anyone and should not be inferred) en route home with one person of the persons inadvertantly cast in this very weird passion play.
I have come across evidence that the person originally thought to be behind the assault on this FB page, it's creator and admins is NOT the person bein' blamed. Granted, there has been a major misunderstandin' and considerable hurt feelin's on both sides of the fence. However, in this instance, the person bein' blamed is, indeed, innocent.
In the meantime, the person behind the assault is sitting back like a bloated spider in it's sticky, dust filled web, rubbin' its' hairy little limbs together in anticipation of a feast.
Well, I have news for y'all, spidey. Your cobweb is about to be taken down and cleaned up.
The spider in this instance claims that FX is intendin' to sue the SOA.Net creator and all the admins for copyright infringement, and that is why the spider has enlisted the friends it has to report us to FB admin. Hence, the warnin' letters we received today, and hence the blockin' of the page creator in almost all her names.
The idea that FX is suin' any of us holds about as much water as a very leaky sieve. First of all, there is the fact that Kurt Sutter, himself, chose both the creator of the page and myself for his Season 4 challenge. If FX, his employer, were intendin' to sue me, he would not have selected me to come to LA on his dime to meet me! Nor would he send the page creator any kind of rewards for the work she has done for the show, the cast, and the crew.
It makes as much sense as those 'twee' dollar bills that used to be available in gum ball machines (OK, I'm datin' myself, but you get the idea). I have sent the evidence to the SOA.Net creator, though the source has been kept confidential. Reporters, even former reporters, protect their sources. The page creator deserves to know who is instigating the attack and stirring more shit. The person bein' wrongfully blamed for the latest poo sling deserves to be cleared of wrong doing.
The instigator of this latest bit of Facebook drama went a step further in their attempt to make life 'interestin'.' The spider decided to post a video to my wall (it has since been removed by me) that I found quite tellin' and a wee bit threatenin'. It was a video clip of Jack Nicolson's 'You can't handle the truth' diatribe from the movie 'A Few Good Men'. Another attempt to sling poo? Possibly. A veiled threat? Given the evidence in my possession, definitely.
This is not the first time the spider has attempted to bash the page creator. The last time an accusation was made, I directly demanded proof of the alledged crime be sent in private mail to me. I'm still waitin'. The spider is big on words and makin' blanket statements, but is not willin' or able to back up said claims when confronted. Instead, the spider flees to its' dusty cobweb, spinnin' more filaments in an attempt to strength the fragile strands of its' deceit.
So, the purpose of this post is to openly say to the instigator that the persons who need to know, including at FX, have been alerted to your latest load of viscious brown substance to fall out of the southern end of a north bound bull. While you may feel that y'all have the upper hand, the reality is really quite different.
To the other admins of SOA.Net FB page, if you wish to see the same evidence, I will make it available to you. The source of the proof will continue to redacted. The blame game needs to stop. It's not fair, it's not right, and it's hurtin' everyone.
Now, maybe I can concentrate on writin' on my fanfic, and writin' the next installment of the FUN! The SOA Season Four Challenge Winning Event. Watchin' an episode of SOA before it aired with the Creator and Great Bird of the SOA galaxy himself!
I'm sure all y'all are waitin' with baited breath for it.
Besides, it's time to go back to the FUN!!!
And let Springer have his show back. Complete with body guards and bleep button.
End of line.


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