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Monday, November 14, 2011

Not so Social Networking Redux

I had intended to start bloggin' about my 'winnin'' weekend in LA, and still plan to, but first things first. Sorry, kids.
A few weeks/months ago, I blogged about the not so social aspects of social networkin'. Facebook seems to be a breedin' ground for bullyin' and anti - social behavior, which is NOT what Mark Zuckerberg intended it to be.
Unfortunately, wars and misunderstandings erupt, with people takin' sides and tryin' to do more harm to the other side.
As long as it stays on FB where it started, and the two sides eventually work it out, I tend to not take sides in FB fights.
This week, it seems that one particular FB fight is gettin' more nasty than before. Again, I had no intention of takin' sides, as both parties are friends. However, when another party takes the war outside the FB dimension, and involves other parties in the war who have no oar in the water, I WILL speak out.
I did that yesterday, when a person took this FB battle to Twitter, and brought in parties from a particular television show that we all adore into this. I feel, and continue to feel that this is WRONG.
The twitter name who was brought into this has no oar in this particular pool of sludge. He doesn't have an interest in it, either. But, the twitterer who decided to bring it to the other social network - ie, to twitter - did so maliciously (IMO), in order to hurt the other party.
That, IMO, is NOT fair dinkum. That was hurtful to the other party in the war, and the recipient of that very public tweet probably scratched his head and wondered "WTF?". I don't blame him.
This also gives public figures like this particular person fodder for the idea that the fans are nothin' but a lot of demandin' nutcases to be avoided at all costs. It definitely doesn't do a damn thing to keep such an idea from poppin' up.
It's not a wonder that many public figures/celebrities have left FB! One of my friends, Frost Stillwell, formerly of KABC constantly asked for people not to send him game and app requests because he received so many. His friends' board was to post and receive messages/news, not to get game and other BS like that.
Twitter, fortunately, has a bit of a filter in it. A twitter name can choose who he or she follows. It does not, however, keep a twitter name from seein' all 'at mentions' (@soandso) directed to his or her twitter name. Celebrities will get thousands of those tweets in a minute from those that follow them, so if they have thousands of followers, their 'at mentions' are very busy.
Twitter and FB, as I've said before, are a wonderful tool for gettin' information out, and for the public figures to be more 'in touch' with their fans. It's a lot better than the old days when ya had to haunt the stage door or go to some kind of a show/public appearance in the hopes of interacting with the 'star'.
Bullshit like what went on this weekend will be just the reason the public figures will use to abandon social networking entirely. It was stupid, idiotic, uncaring, unkind, and the type of aboslute cuntlike behavior that our show's fan community doesn't need as a reflection on us.
Yes, I said cuntlike. I meant it, too. I don't like the word, but it best describes my feelings on it. It's brutal, it's nasty, and that's exactly what that person did. It stinks.
Notice, I've not named names, and don't intend to. That person knows who she is, and knows what post I'm talkin' about. I called her out about it on Twitter.
Maybe I should've let it end there, but it's too late now. When I get pissed enough about a topic, I'll blog it. It was enough to delay my first post about the winnin' weekend to air my opinion in more than 140 characters.
To the public figure who was twitted to about this matter, my most heartfelt apologies that you were brought into the matter. You didn't deserve it, and it is NOT, repeat NOT indicative of the behavior of all the fans. I think you know that, but it needs to be empathized.
And if anyone in the fan community wants to dispute me, go for it. As Mrs. Slocombe of 'Are You Bein' Served' often said, "I'm just in the mood!"
End of line.


Blogger Michele Robinson said...

I have to honsetly say that is a very well put and well done posting.

November 14, 2011 at 7:01 PM  
Blogger Trista Michele said...

Thank you for defending me as a fan even though I'm not privy to what is going on. I hope you had a very winning weekend and I admit, I'm jealous :)!

November 14, 2011 at 7:27 PM  
Blogger Louigie said...

You go girl!!! I'm so with u!! I avoid fb these days like the plague because of all the crap! In any war & especially the one u have mentioned I am choosing sides.... Mine!!! My side is called left right out of it :) thank you for voicing what I have wanted to in such a graceful & tactful way that I would never be able to :) great job I love ur mewsings & can't wait to here about your unbeleivable time with the guys from SOA :)

November 14, 2011 at 9:00 PM  

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