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Monday, November 14, 2011

What We Saw Before, During, and After Winning.

The rock band Tesla put out a song called 'Signs'. It started with 'And the sign said. . ." I love to look at signs when we travel. Not your run of the mill road signs, but store signs. They're designed to catch your eye. Our time in LA exposed me to plenty of signage, and I took a few pics of same. Figured this first blog would include sights and signs we saw both going to and away from LA.
This is how things looked to us at 330 AM as we left our house to go to the airport in Indy. It was cold, with temps in the 20s, and we had snow on the ground.
Yes, that's snow on the ground and our mailbox. BRRRR!
Indy International Airport has a Harley - Davidson Store in it. It's mentioned in Book 2 of my fanfic. They keep a motorcycle on display on the inside. Chicago's O'Hare Airport also had a Harley - Davidson store, and this beauty was on display outside both goin' to and comin' from LA. I lusted and drooled about it, but Robert said I couldn't have it. Dammit.
A side story here, the DH had said we didn't need to get to the airport as early as two hours ahead. "There won't be THAT many people there at that time of the mornin'!" I insisted, and good that we got there before 4AM, as there was a line for the TSA.
Starbucks wasn't open then. I had to wait for Chicago to get some coffee in me. We had a flight on a turbo prop jet from Indy to Chicago. One hour plane versus three hour drive, I'm game! Cramped, but I made it.
When we were goin' to deplane, at O'Hare, everybody seems to wanna get out at once. One lady was a litle tottery after sittin' for an hour. Someone behind her got a little pushy, and like dominoes, the line jerked forward. The poor lady lost her balance and fell into my lap. I just let her stay put until the press of people were able to move forward. Hey, things happen.
This is the view of our gate to go to LA, with yellow to denote Veteran's Day. I had just been to Starbucks for a munchie and a cuppa. Yay! I also got to see the sunrise in Chicago from the gate area. I thought we'd be chasin' sunrise all the way to LA, it didn't quite work out that way. It was daylight the entire time. Go figure. We arrived in LA about 935 or so their time. That translate to 1115AM our time.
Arrival at LAX was busy. Lots of people. Our driver found us at baggage claim, and our bags were waitin' for us on the carousel. We checked two, Robert carted my computer bag around, poor thing. I think he sometimes felt like a pack mule.
No, this wasn't the sign that was up at LAX. It was actually in a window at a comic book store located next to Perri Ink Cartel on Santa Monica Boulevard. I saw it on Friday night as we were gettin' ready to leave the openin' party that Michael Marisi Ornstein invited me and the DH to attend. Somehow, I just couldn't resist it.
This is more along the lines of what we saw at the airport.
This is as we walked outta the plane and into LAX proper. Since it was Veterans' Day, we were greeted at each airport - Indy, O'Hare, and LAX - with yellow balloown and/or ribbons. At LAX, there was a band playin' songs for the military. When we walked by, they were singin' 'Let There Be Peace'. We saw noone from the military at Indy, but a large number at O'Hare and LAX. Kudos to the airports for recognizin' our service men and women!
This is, of course, LAX.
This is the hotel that FX Home Entertainment and Kurt Sutter put Mark Mitteer, his guest, my DH Robert, and myself in. The Intercontinental was once a Hyatt Hotel. This was more than a four star hotel. This is a top of the line place that made us feel at home despite its' elegance. Yes, that's the DH's face in this photo of the hotel as we drove up.
Once we'd rested (we never went to sleep Thursday night!) we went to the nearby open air mall, Westfield. The hotel car took us and brought us back for free, at least anywhere within a one and a half mile radius. This is not your enclosed mall. It is very much like Metropolis in Plainfield IN and Carmel Clay Terrace in Carmel, IN. Kinda like a shopping center, though not with the large parking lot.
Lots of kosks and stores to catch the eye. We didn't take in a movie; not after the airplane movie. Great food court with lots of different cuisines to try. This Robert doin' the tourist pose near/under the lighted mall sign:
Only in LA could one see all manner of luxury cars. I couldn't believe that Robert walked right by a Maswerati and didn't realize it. We saw a lot of Mercedes - Benz', Maserati's, and a few stretch limos. Lots of cabs, several busses, but not a lot of smog or traffic jams.
We saw Bloomingdales (and walked through it), and I looked at Swarkovski Crystal store because of Phantom of the Opera movie connection. I'd love to have one of these ornaments on the tree, but the price? Le sigh.
Curiosity made me look to see how much a 20 ounce bottle of pop was askin'. As you can see, it was $1.50. Not bad when it's about a buck and a quarter in Indy in some places. At the hotel, a can was runnin' $5 from the honor bar. The price of gas wasn't too bad at $3.85 for regular, $4.05 for premium. It's been that high in Indy. I was expectin' it to be higher.
I couldn't resist takin' a picture of this eatery. After all, pink tacos? Only in California. So many jokes, so little time. I'll be good, though.
Never been to Bloomingdale's. Not even when I went to NYC numerous times in life. So, I had to step in just to say I'd stepped in. Robert wanted to know why I didn't wanna buy anything. At those prices? I'm more of a Tarjay (Target) shopper than a Bloomingdale's, but it nice to look around.
After ironin' shirts to wear to Michael Marisi Ornstein's event that night and for the SOA Event the next night, the DH forget his shirts, so he had to buy one. Found a good one on sale at Macy's, before we went to Bloomingdale's. While we were at Macy's, I saw this sign for a line of clothin'. Not too far from bein' our boys, eh?
Then I saw these shirts. One knew novelty shirts for Angry Birds were comin' along, just in time for Christmas! I like 'em both, though the one is kinda my motto.
The saleslady who rang up Robert's sale at Macy's was quite interested in our reason for bein' in LA from Indy, and also in my bein' a rider. When she saw the picture of Tig on my Iphone and learned he's a 750CC, her comment was 'You go, girl!'
The FHE people had a car and driver to take us to and from the hotel. Our driver was a delightful gentleman, I believe he said his name was 'Tai'. He seemed to hit it off with Robert due to their shared Oriental/Asian heritage. Our driver is also a motorcyclist, so he and I had quite a chat about ridin', the cost of gas, and he also pointed out lots of interestin' sights. One of those was the fact that FX/Fox Studios was right next to the hotel. You only see it as a blur, as the damn camera caught Robert's profile better.
The view from our hotel room on the sixth floor gave us a good look down and into the Fox lot. Didn't see any stars. Le sigh again. Inside the hotel, I got a laugh at the sight of a large Snickers bar sittin' on the dresser in a basket of sorts. It was part of the honor bar. I could only imagine Tig, the character's reaction to such a thing. However, at $5 for that candy bar. I decided to leave it be.
One person on Twitter had suggested that Mark and I raid the entire honor bar and charge it to Fox and Sutter. I told 'em no way. That wasn't honorable, and I wasn't gonna milk Sutter and FHE for all they were worth. That's not cricket It's just somethin' ya don't do when usin' someone else's dime. I'm sure it was meant in fun, but the point remains the same.
I am always in support of the local businessperson, especially one that provides coffee and o
This is just a sample of what this tea shoppe has to offer. I wound up buyin' two bags of strawberry/vanilla tea,
While we were enjoyin' punkin pie frozen yogurt (aka froyo) from one of Kurt Sutter's workerbees (known on twitter as @culvercat), I saw this kiosk. When I read off the name, Mr. Robert was shocked and appalled because he thought I said somethin' else right out in public. Outspoken I might be, but not THAT outspoken!.
Right across the street from the aforementioned comic book store, right on the corner, sits Floyd's Barber Shop. This is probably a little too dark to see, but it's there. A taste of Charming in Lalaland.
Only in Lalaland would one have a store or two devoted to medicinal herbage. This particular sign, which the DH took with our digital camera while we were waitin' for a cab from the openin' at Perri Ink Cartel made me laugh my ass off. Right there on Santa Monica Boulevard. The sign says 'Buzzzzz's R Us'.
The last thing I saw as we were leavin' the mall was this sign. It's somethin' near and dear to my heart, as most of our kitties are rescue kitties in one way or another. Glad to know that even a poo=poo fancy place like this encourages animal adoption.
On Saturday, before the event and after the buffet breakfast that was part of our accomodations, I got to meet with one of my favorite bloggers, April Macintyre, who writes for Monsters and Critics, among other blogs. I originally thought that the invite was only to me (and to Mark Mitteer, the other winner), but DH came down to meet her. Therefore, the invite got extended to Robert, who willingly went along. April wanted to be sure that we got to see the sea, as I'd never seen the Pacific Ocean. Robert, therefore, did his thing of the touristy pose before the sea.
She took us to lunch at a place called Gladstone's. All the fish you could wish for. We shared their fresh baked bread, a fried calamari appetizer with dippin' sauces, she and I both had the crab roll while Robert had a seafood risoto concoction. YUM! The crab roll came in handy early Sunday morn. That was my breakfast.
The sea was awesome! April took us from the restaurant down to the nearby beach to walk on the sand. It was the first time I'd ever seen gulls up close, as well as a pelican. Robert went off without us to try to get a picture of the pelican. He says he got one. As we were walkin' back from the beach, we saw gulls goin' after leftover food from the restaurant. Smart birds.
We also saw paddle/long boarders out on the sea in their speedos, as well as the sailboat, and a warnin' of rain to come on the horizon. Lovely!
April then gave us the nickel tour of Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, and the Brently neighborhoods, as well as Rodeo Drive. Out of respect for the residents of those areas, I did not take pics. One of those areas includes the one where Kurt Sutter and Katey Sagal used to live.
All too soon, we had to go back to the hotel so we could get ready for the grand openin' celebration at Perri Ink Cartel that we were invited to (we as in the DH and myself). That was our first Hollywood party, and I'm proud to say that no one got busted! While at PIC, I met an employee who had just moved from Ohio. We spoke for some time about bikes, the shop, and of bein' Midwesterners.
Since y'all have seen the DH's picture, here is one that he took of us two winners, and Mark's plus one. Mark is the male of the group. Mark Mitteer, aka @TwistedShadow, me aka @Lowecat, and Katherine, @Meadowgirl. Taken just before we went to our separate gates.
And finally, some 12 hours after we left the Intercontinenal Hotel in LA, we arrived HOME.
This is the first of several blogs about the trip. Tomorrow, I'll post about the grand openin' at Perri Ink Cartel.
And then will come the 'SOA Fan Appreciation Event.'
If I gave y'all more than this, you'd be too full to really enjoy it!


Blogger M. said...

Of course you know how well you write, but this was so fun to see! Kudos for sharing. I loved every second of it.

I especially love how you describe what you thought of everything and the comparisons between Indy and LA.

When Melissa just came to visit me, I was constantly struck at what she found strange or odd, or thrilling.

Anyway enough blabbing! Glad you and your DH got home safe and sound and I can't wait to read more.
Love and hugs,

November 14, 2011 at 11:25 PM  
Blogger AprilMac said...

It was a fun day

November 15, 2011 at 12:56 AM  
Blogger AprilMac said...

Great day-enjoyed meeting you both!!

November 15, 2011 at 12:56 AM  
Blogger DaeLite City resident said...

So awesome Myra. Glad everyone had a wonderful time. <3 ;-'DLove<3 aka ~HarleyD

November 15, 2011 at 4:54 AM  
Blogger Louigie said...

Thanks for sharing! It was great to see some of the sights over there! Me; I've never left my Australian shores! I can't wait to see what you have installed for us next about your visit to LA

November 18, 2011 at 5:56 PM  

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