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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Went on a job interview today; did some evaluation testing to see if I know (or can find) my way about a program called Excel.   I did ok, and have an interview tomorrow morning at 9am.  Then off up into BF Fishers to find this new telecommunications center that is hiring.  We'll see if 19 years of experience will earn me the base pay of $10, or maybe a little more....IF, that is, they want what I have to offer.

To top everything off, I think that a summer cold is creeping up on me.  There are sneezes and a dripping nose, and watery eyes.  Is there anything worse than a summer cold?  
 (yes, a winter cold.   Or a cold at ANY time of the year).


On another note; the job fair Monday never materialized.   I went to the right place on the email, but the hotel knew nothing about it.  At least the parking didn't cost me anything as the car was only parked for five minutes.  

FINALLY quit playing phone tag with the HR person at Comcast cable; she did a pre-interview, so we'll see what happens. 

Did a little more walking today without appliances, and feeling a little stronger about it.  Today was warm, but so far, no rain.


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