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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Devil Wouldn't WANT to Go on This Ride!

Gonna take a little detour from the road this blog's been takin' the last few weeks to wax poetic about a Spring 'reality' program on Discovery Channel called 'The Devil's Ride'.  I had a bad feelin' about it when the commercials touted this show as "The real life Sons of Anarchy." 

Whiskey - tango - foxtrot????? 

It never looks good when another program believes it is necessary to hitch a ride on the back end of a very successful drama series!  And a fictional one to boot! 

I suspect that some marketin' genius at Discovery came up with the idea as Executive Producer/Creator of SOA, Kurt Sutter, had made a documentary called 'Outlaw Empire' which Discovery is also runnin' this month.   May the fleas of a thousand camels make a home in that asshat's armpits!  Bad marketin' idea, people!  Very bad. 

Basically, 'reality' programmin' is a wee bit misleadin'.  Sure, the program is unscripted, and there are camera crews tapin' every second of every day.  BUT, and this is a very important BUT, there's thousands of hours of material that winds up on the cutting room floor and may only see the light of day on the DVD as a bonus feature.  

Some of the worse offenders in this genre, IMO, are 'Bridezillas', 'The Real Housewives of _______"  (real housewives my ass!  Even the Desperate Housewives series was more real that the 'real housewives of _____',  Survivor, Amazing Race, Real World, Bachelor/Bachelorette -- these so called 'reality' shows are anything but. 

For my money, the recently cancelled Dog the Bounty Hunter, Airline, Family Plots, Parking Wars and Animal Cops are a lot better.  They are in the same genre, but compared to the rotten apples listed earlier, these are sweet, tangy, refreshin' oranges.

Add to the list of bad apples 'The Devil's Ride'. 

If all y'all haven't figured it out already, I have serious issues with this program.  Sure, I watch it, but it's because it's like watchin' a train wreck.  You know it's gonna be bad, but you keep watchin' to see HOW bad it's gonna be. 

Why on Earth would any self - respectin' MC - especially a 1% MC - allow ANY camera crew to follow 'em around and tape Church sessions (though the Laffing Devils MC <LDMC> refers to it as 'rumble') or anything else that has to do with club business?  Were they thinkin' to make MC's more palatable to the general public? 

Can you heard us laffin', Laffin' Devils?  We KNOW the difference between real life bad asses and the fictional badasses on SOA.  The public ain't dumb, no matter what the ratin's might tell your bean counters.  

The whole thing where the foundin' father, Gipsie (sp?), decides to step down as President, by the way, is such a FUBAR of record porportions!   The man opted to give up the Prez patch, but that shouldn't have forced him to resign his cut!  If the new Prez, Billy the Kid (and lemme tell y'all somethin', that moniker don't inspire much respect, even if named for the infamous Western outlaw), can't garner enough respect for his office on his own, does he think drummin' out the foundin' father/past Prez is gonna help that?  

And why does he get a chip on his shoulder every time Gipsie shows up in or around the club?  Is he supposed to forget that he has friends in that club?  He wasn't listened as 'dead' to the club, for cryin' out loud!  It's not a wonder that he's puttin' his own club together.  Billy the Kid is complainin' about bein' disrespected, yet he's the one doin' the dissin' in the first place! 

For example, Danny Boy had a charity run in his daughter's memory.  Lots of bikers showed up.  So did the former Prez.  Everyone had an opportunity to tell him that he was welcome to ride, and thanks for the support, but don't come to the club after.  NO ONE said such to him.  Then current Prez gets his drawers in a wad about the past Prez' presence, sulks and stews and storms about the place like a cock protectin' his henhouse so that the former Prez decides to leave. 

Puh - leeze!   It's calle communication, dumbfucks.

Tank, the former prospect's wife, kinda rubs me the wrong way as well.  OK, I'm a wife, and I'm a lone wolf rider.  Have no affiliation with any ridin' group or club.  BUT, I show respect to all riders, and get such in return from them.  Were my husband along with me, I would expect him to show the same respect to all riders.  That bein' said, while I can sympathize with havin' a night out interrupted by club business, it's not different than a doctor or a minister bein' called away at the last minute.  It happens. 

Frankly, she should've expected an interruption since Tank was still a prospect at the time.  Prospects, regardless of their marital status, are 'on call' to the club 24/7.  The sooner the wife gets used to that, the happier she's gonna be.  As the fictional Gemma Teller Morrow put it, 'You love the man, you learn to love the club'.  (Credit to SOAFX/Kurt Sutter/FHE for that quote).

Then Discovery decides that this is lookin' a little tame.  Hello, McFly!  Anyone home?  Tame is right.  So, we have this little scenario with 'Tony the Hangaround' who raises everyone's suspicions because. . . (wait for it). . . He dosn't ride a bike! 

Um, pardon me, how in Hell can you be elevated to Hangaround in an MC and NOT RIDE????? 

Tony eventually turns in his hangaround cut, but the MC gets visited by a cop.  That makes the MC more suspicious of Tony.  After Tank gets patched, we see him, another patched member, and the Prez get on a boat.  Tank and the patched member drag out a body wrapped in plastic and duct tape. 


Wrong.  First, Discovery's legal department would've NEVER allowed the channel to put themselves into the position of bein' part of a murder.  Anyone with any grey matter between their ears is gonna know that.  Secondly, and this goes back to my original point, were that an actual body, no MC worth its' colors is gonna allow a camera crew to film them gettin' rid of evidence!  

In other words, it was fake.  A big ass joke on the Prez.  And the audience that was reeled in (picture Wayne and Garth holding their hands against their faces imitatin' gills and cryin' 'Reel 'em in!').   


Speakin' of pathetic, the SAA to be for the ECC charter, Sandman, is a joke in my estimation.  Not because he's nothin' like his SOA counterparts Tig, Kozik, and Liam (to name three).  He's not a bit like 'em.  Anyone who can let a mundane/citizen get his ire up for tauntin' the club is NOT good SAA material.   C'mon, the driver of that van was bein' a fucktard.  Fine.  Tryin' to fight him is NOT a good idea when you're not wantin' to alienate your business district neighbors.   And this is the guy that the prospective ECC Prez wants to maintain order? 


If THIS is Discovery's idea of a 'real life Sons of Anarchy', I'll take the fictional program on FX any day of the week! 

Frankly, though there's a sayin' that 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery', I can't blame Kurt Sutter for bein' upset over the way 'TDR' hitched onto the juggernaut that is SOA.   He feels that the only reason Discovery optioned 'OE' is because of their biker ahow.   (See WTFSutter S5 on YouTube). 

I have a bad feelin' that he's right. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get commentary, as always, Myra. I couldn't see why a "real outlaw MC" would allow cameras to film stuff, either.

I saw some talk about it on the Twitters so I checked it out. I only watched one episode and these guys seem like a bunch of lameheads. They shouldn't even be allowed to mention SOA in their marketing schemes.

June 11, 2012 at 1:26 PM  

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