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Friday, July 23, 2004

Yesterday was a stinkin' hot day in Gotham, with heat index well into the 100s.  Not a great day for job hunting, but my application at the city hall HR needed to be updated for other jobs.  Apparently, since no one from the Econ Development Dept ever called me for the 2nd interview, that job must have fallen through.  

So, I sweat my way from the parking lot to the city/county building, stand and sweat while the rent a cop searches my purse (why, I do not know), and then ride the elevator up to the  HR department, only to find that the blighters had changed their hours to 8a to 1p; and I was there at 2pm.  

So, as sweat puddled under me, back out to the car I squished, to relax in the blessed a/c and ran a few other errands of necessity, leaving the application to be updated next week.

Today is cooler, but still sunny, and my ass is staying indoors.  Have received a few telephone inquiries on my on line apps, and set up a few appointments for next week. 

Heard from the union VP yesterday; he wanted permission to give my number to anyone who mentions to him a job possibility.   He was tickled that the state is allowing me the unemployment compensation, and advised the arbitration has been filed but no news yet.

Did a VHS to DVD dub of a televised Disney film, "Scarecrow of Romney Marsh" which I knew would be jumpy as all heck, but the Disney website didn't indicate it was coming out.   Later on, after wasting a DVDR disc, I found out that said movie is indeed due out, so have it on pre order.  But wouldn't you know!!!!


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