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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Been an interesting and eventful day. 
Went on another job interview; this time with the Neilsen Resarch people, the very people who do the ratings for tee vee.  It's part time, no benefits, and in Johnson County.   A little further than I really want to go for a part time job (34 hours a week).  But, an interesting position, and  a positive interview. 
Before the interview, checked the cell vms, and had a call from the recuiter for the company, where I'd tested and interviwed yesterday.  After a couple of games of phone tag, the recruiter told me I have the job, starting 16 August.  It pays $431 a week, there are benefits, and it's not too far away; about 30 minutes by car.
THEN, I talked to the people at another company I'd tested at last week,  and now I have an interview for tomorrow morning at 11AM, and if they want to hire me, I'll know right away. 
The cup, which was once empty, now runneth over! 
So, we'll see what happens tomorrow.


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