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Thursday, July 29, 2004

My cup runneth over

There are now two job offers on my plate; so I've gone from no prospects to two. 

Today was the interview with the northside prospect.  Advertisements had said this would pay from $10-$20 an hour depending on experience.  However, the interviewer said that was not until one had been at the job for some time (at least three to six months).  One would make just over $40 a day in training, then for the first month earn a little over $6 an hour...hardly worth the trip to the next county above us.   But, they made a job offer, and their next training class starts 23 August.

The other offer came from the company that called yesterday with the job offer, starting at over $400 a week and starting on 16 August.  Though we don't yet know which insurance company they offer, DH and I have decided that the best bet seems to be the first offer made to me yesterday. 

So, tomorrow I will go to pee in a cup for the drug screening, and look for their offer letter to arrive in the mail and sign off on it and send it back, then just sit back and relax a ltitle until the 16 of August.   At that time, I'll call Company #2 and say thanks, but can't accept after all; just started a job least that will leave the doors open should, Heaven forbid, it's needed.

Have been calling the family to share the good news, they are happy about the opportunity.  Just wish that some of the places where one had applied would've been kind enough to say "thanks, but no thanks" but that seems to be the way of the business world these days.


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