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Friday, July 30, 2004

So today was the day that I was supposed to pee in a cup for the drug screening. The internet directions were about 10 miles off the mark, as the lab is near Community South hospital. But, I finally find the place, sit and wait a half hour, only to find out that the place that directed me to go there forgot to fax the authorization!!!

This just means I have to call the first place, and then go back to the lab on Monday. At least now, I know where to go!

Incidentally, the new job I'm taking pays $431 a week, not a month, as previously stated!!!!!
Received the offer letter today; it was sent by overnight delivery. I feel so special and wanted! Have decided will mail the package from company #2 back with a letter of regret, timed to arrive the day of the start of their training, 23 August. Will also give them a courtesy call, but figure they can use their materials back.

It's been raining all day today, but that hasn't made things cooler. When one goes outside, it just feels muggy. Ick.


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