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Friday, August 06, 2004

All the preemployment stuff is done, and the job offer is nailed down; so I'm all clear to start working on Monday, August 16. That's with Company #1. I've written a letter for company #2, to enclose with their employment info folder, saying thanks, but can't accept, and the letter doesn't even mention the lack of money company #2 offered.

Now, I'm having nesting urges. The urge to have a place that we OWN, not just rent, that is just as well insulated as our current little house, and with plenty of room!!!!

That's right, I have the urge to have a house. So does DH. I think it's because we're getting closer to the big 50 and we're both tired of renting. Plus, a family friend recently purchased a newly constructed single level home a few miles from us, and the property taxes, homeowners insurance, etc., is included in the price of the house. PLUS, she got it on her income alone, even though she's married. So, DH and I are going to check out the builder with her next week.

It's not that we hate our current home. It's a great starter home for us after years of apartments and duplexes. However, should we ever want to have friends or family stay with us, there is currently no room for them except for the sofa. If Daddy and Mom were to ever need to stay with us, well, it just wouldn't work out at all.

I've seen ouro friend's house. It's nice, and the appliances came with it. Large LR, DR, kitchen, 3BR, 2 baths, a utility room, and a two car attached garage. I think even the cats would like having that much room to run around in. Maybe they could even have a cat tree?
But, first, we have to see the place, and see if we can qualify, and then go from there. So I'm not looking for packing boxes, yet. But wouldn't that be a great way for us to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary? To have a home of our own?


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