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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

A rotten day

Yesterday was a strange day. For some reason, my patience level was extremely low, and it didn't take much to make me IMpatient. Didn't think taking a break from the Effexor for two days would make that happen, but it must've. I'm not a walking time bomb today.
Found the phone number to that place that was supposed to have faxed the drug screening request to the lab Friday, and called to make sure the fax went though. That was the start of my rotten day.

The first thing out of Miss Thang's snot-nosed mouth was "Why did you wait until today (Monday) to call us?"

I politely responded "Firstly, it never occurred to me that y'all WOULDN'T fax the request like y'all said you would, so it never occurred to me to take the freakin' phone number with me. Secondly, by the time I did get home, it was after 6pm, and y'all were probably closed, plus, the paper upon which the number was written was missing."

So, Ms Thang puts me on hold for a few minutes, then comes back on and says they're faxing the request and I need to get to the lab (Monday) before they close. "I would suggest," she added, still with her nose up in the air, "that you take our phone number along and call if the fax is not there."

"Excuse me, Miss. Would you kindly explain to me why you're being attitudinal with me?"

"Ms. L, I'm not being attitudinal, and am sorry if you think I am being such." she replied, still in that snooty tone of voice.

"Well, I DO believe you are being attitudinal with me about this, and I don't appreciate being made to feel like it's MY fault that the lab didn't get the info. I think it'd be wise to speak to your supervisor."

"That's not necessary, ma'am--"

"Oh, yes it is, but if you're refusing, that's ok, I'll just call the recruiter. Have a nice day." I then placed a call to the recruiter at my prospective new employer and briefly explained the situation. I told him that anybody can have a bad day on the phones, but she was making me feel like the imbecile when all I did was go to the lab for the test and there was no authorization. The recruiter said he'd handle things, and the fax was indeed sent and confirmed by him that it was sent. Poor guy.

So, I got that test done. BUT, getting to the damn test was an adventure. For some reason, every tailgater in the city was behind me, and each tailgater made it very difficult for me to get to where I wanted to go. One particular tailgater cut me off on the interstate as I was trying to get onto the exit ramp...the same one he was going to.

I knew it was not going to be a good day when playing one of my on-line games was pushing the anger button. When DH came home, I warned him that he hadn't done anything, but my temper was on edge, and be ye warned.

Unfortunately, he pushed the temper over the edge by making a sarcastic remark to a request from me a couple of hours later, and I was on a royal tear for a couple of hours. He went to sleep. Probably the best thing he could've done at the time.

But, again, today, I took my meds and have had some rest, and don't feel like a rattlesnake ready to strike.

Was it the lack of the meds, was it the moon, or was it just one of those things?
And just 13 more days until the job starts! And all today is well.


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