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Friday, January 30, 2004

winter blahs--redux

I have reached the firm and quite insurmountable conclusion that I am, undoutably, a Spring/Fall person. It was always my belief that winter should last 24 hours, Christmas Eve into Christmas Day, and then begone with it!

But no such luck. While I do not have the blursing to be living in the snow laden hills and valleys of our great country, this month of January, or at least the last few days of it has shown me more snow, ice, and cold temperatures than I EVER want to see in a month.

And now February doesn't seem to want to look any better.

Now I know that the changing of the seasons is important, and all this buildup of snow on the grass and the fields is holding moisture that will eventually seep into the dirt and give us green, lush lawns and fertile crops later this year. But does there HAVE to be this damn much snow?

You see, if it would just snow 30 or 40 inches, and give us all a good excuse to curl up with a good book and get it over with, it wouldn't be so bad.

But we're getting an inch or two here; another inch there; six inches again the next day, and flurries throughout. And the damn temperature hasn't risen above 20 in days!

OTOH, I'm not all that sanguine about summer with the heat and the humidity, but right now, I'd dearly welcome a nice little 85 degree sunny day instead of all this white stuff all over the place!

And yes, you can bet the farm that this time in summer, I'll be kvetching about the heat and humidity! I am woman, after all, who else has the right to change her mind?

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Winter Blahs

Seems Moms Nature is not happy with us this week. We are getting dumped with snow, cold temps, wind and the opportunity of freezing rain later on. The weather prognosticators expect us to have anywhere from 3-6 or 4-8 inches of wintery stuff. The measurements depend upon which channel you are watching at the time they announce precip measurements.

I don't like driving in wintery ice. Snow is bad enough, but you have the possibility of some traction. There is no such thing as getting traction on ice. No way. You slide. I don't like that idea. Haven't liked sliding in a vechile in winter since the time in 1985 that I slid off US 41 in Terre Haute and stopped sliding inches (two) from a tree.

So the cats and I are staying all snug and warm in the house, and keeping each other company. Even Dude, our little escape artist, has no interest in going out.

The drive to work tomorrow should be interesting. I don't have to be there until noon, and if our street department does their job right, maybe the trip won't be so bad.

It's only the first real nasty winter weather we've received, but I'll happy to see Spring.