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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Does Blogging Mean Fact Checking Doesn't Count?

The much anticipated premier of Sons of Anarchy's 4th Season has come, was watched, and enjoyed by Legion. The early numbers, according to FX Network, are good.

Many reviews are coming out, Kurt Sutter has already posted about a good one, and I advise you to check out his blog and read the review.

I am writing about one that had the potential of being good, but is so ridden with errors that it has ZERO credibility with me as a review. And I told the writer so in the comments section.

I've included the link so you can see for yourself. Go ahead. Be appalled. I'll wait.

So here's what I said to the author in his comments:

I have to say that as promising as this review was, your errors are greatly disappointing. How lazy can a writer be not to do a quick internet search to check facts for cryin' out loud?

Having experience in news reporting from the days when one had to literally make calls or interview people, as well as LOOK UP facts in books, papers, etc., I am truly appalled by the lack of fact checking that did not take place, and that the editors allowed before publishing.

Besides referring to Tara as Abel's baby mama (Wendy, who is in rehab/sober living, birthed Abel), Dayton Callie's character is named WAYNE Unser, not Charlie (that is the name of one of the main actors), and he was the former Charming POLICE CHIEF, not a sheriff. These tidbits are easily available on IMBD, as well as FX.Net.

Even someone is not a fan would be able to find this information.

'Tis a shame, as the article was otherwise well written, but with errors such as this, I find ZERO credibility in it as a review.