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Sunday, September 12, 2004

whew! What a week!

This has definitely been a busy week, what with running to pet and people hospitals, working, packing in anticipating of the new house move next month, and trying to get some rest in between things.

The bad news about T'Pring is that she has liver cancer. We don't carry a cancer rider on her insurance (something I neglected to get, and at her age of 11, I couldn't get it on her anyway), so all we can do for now is keep her comfortable, and as long as she enjoys a good life and no pain, that's all we can do. When the time comes that she cannot enjoy her life, whether we've gotten into the new house or not, I'll have to do what hurts the most, let her go Home.

I do truly believe that pets have souls, and that there is a special place set aside in Heaven for the animals we have loved, and she'll be reunited with her sisters Uhura, Mara and Mirimanee. She won't hurt anymore, and she'll be healthy and happy, even though she'll be missed here at home. She is still eating a bit, and drinking, and letting us give her attention, and lying in the sun, so as long as she's willing to enjoy these things, we're going to let her.

On to other things, we got the preapproval for the house, and closing is set for the end of the month. So, I've been getting our stuff (and boy, we have stuff!) into packing boxes. Have one room (except for pictures) completely packed, and have started on another, so progress is occurring. The house has the cabinets, painting, door hardware, doorbell (which works), the a/c is working, and the sinks are in, plus the carpet, and the vinyl for other floors (kitchen, baths). We're really excited.

Step-mom has been in the hospital this past week following back surgery. She had fused veterbrae, and mobility was a dificult thing for her. She is coming along each day, and we hope she gets to go home on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

So, as you can see, we are definitely keeping busy!