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Friday, August 20, 2004

This has been a fantastic, and busy, week! Which is why I didn't post anything all week. My apologies for that. The daytime shift is a little tough, what with having to get up out of bed at 6am-ish to eat, meditate in the necessary, wash, get dressed, grab my packed the night before lunch, down the meds and some coffee (I'm allowed only one caffeinated drink a day, so on work days, coffee is it, and back to TAB on the weekends), and get to work in rush hour traffic on time. I'm looking forward to some sleep tomorrow, and God help the first person who wakes me up before I'm ready!

The new job is awesome in comparison to what I left. Now, this is not looking through rose colored glasses, but this company really means putting the customer first, and they don't have a big issue on talk time like the phone company did. You take the time necessary to actually HELP the customer, and that is something I can get into. Also, no one jumps your case for staying on the phone to help your customer past your break/lunch, and you can tastefully decorate your cube, which the phone company didn't allow a lot of. AND, you get little rewards here and there just for doing the job! Go figure! I feel like I've gone to Heaven, as this place knows that people have life issues that sometime happen, and they don't make you feel bad for having a life outside the company!

The work is definitely going to be interesting to me, and we've learned some of the jargon and have played with the computer system, so we know our way around. There are three more weeks of classroom training, then we go out on the floor for four weeks OJT at our regular schedule. Cool!

I still miss the old job, or at least a lot of my former co-workers, but certainly don't miss the stress of the old job, and the feeling like the sword of Damocles was hanging over my head.
DH went to the state fair with Grandma and a friend. I've stayed away as there are too many food temptations that could hurt me. Meanwhile, we're still considering the house possibility. Life is fun again.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

new job

Today is my last day of unemployment, being unemployed, that is. Tomorrow, I start a new page of my career by starting the claims processing job with the new employer. I'm looking forward to it, but also a little nervous. Guess that's to be expected, though.

During training, my hours are 8-430, then 1130-8 Monday through Friday. A nice, static schedule will make life so much easier to plan!