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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lest We Forget

We're in the middle of a three day holiday weekend (at least for some!). It's the Memorial Day weekend.
For some, there are sales all over the place for furniture, clothing, and all manner of material goods at discounted prices. Television/Cable networks are running various marathons. TCM (Turner Classic Movies) and AMC (American Movie Channel) are running war movies in honor of the day.
Here in Indiana, we have the annual run around called the 'Greatest Spectacle in Racing' goin' on as I write. I tend to avoid listenin' to the radio as Indianapolis media, for some obscure reason, blacks out the race until evenin'. I watch the race at night, so avoid learnin' who won if I can. But that's a sidebar, and not the reason I'm writingi this particular blog.
(BTW, to finish the thought about the race, later tonight, downtown and elsewhere, there will be big celebrity parties. There's been a gold tourney associated with the '500', and tomorrow will be the race dinner and awards. Yesterday was the parade. And so on).
Community pools opened yesterday, as the Memorial Day holiday is also known as the 'unofficial start of Summer'. Families get together for picnics and barbeques.
Motorcyclists did the big DC Harley ride.
And then there's the 'reason for the holiday'. It's a time set aside to honor those who died in the service of the military.
Sometimes I think we tend to forget that in all the planning for the three day break from the routine.
There was a memorial service held in downtown Indianapolis on Friday to honor the war dead. Thank God for that.
And those families who have been personally touched by war, who have suffered the loss of a loved one will decorate the graveside, and say a prayer or two for their loved one. Or they might just sit and talk with that person. OK, it's a one sided conversation, but the point is, they remember that person.
So I hope that sometime this weekend, in the midst of the celebration of all things summer, we all take that moment to say 'Thank you' to a member of the military.
Especially those who served in Vietnam back in the day. Their thank yous are way overdue.
So if you happen to pass a military cemetary, or a live veteran, or even a current service member, stop a moment. Say 'Thank you' to them. Take a moment to remember what this weekend is all about.