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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Well hell.

I received a letter Saturday from CWA, the union that represents the workers at my former employer.

Their district rep has turned down the arbitration request for what I consider BS reasons. For one, the rep claims that I never sought unon representation until late in the process (wrong), and that I never submitted grievances about the disciplinary actions taken against me (again, wrong. The greivances were submitted to the proper person, where they went from there is beyond me).

The district people feel that they can't win an arbitration. So, I have emails in to the local people, and we'll see what happense.


Fortunately, the new job is going well, and I'm enjoying it. Thank God for some small mercies.

A sick furbaby

The DH and I are the recipients of unhappy news today; it appears that our eldest furbaby, T'Pring, is in poor health, even though she is eating and drinking and active. T'Pring is nearly 11, she was born in September of 1993. Lately, I noticed that the skin about her ears was turning yellow, and her mouth didn't look right. She was due for her shots, so I scheduled a check up with the vet for today. They took one look at her skin color, and did a blood test.

T'Pring lives up to her Star Trek name, and is a very haughty and bwitchy girl; only wanting to be touched when SHE wants attention. To do blood work on her, they had to give her an injection of anesthetic. She's lost two pounds since last year, and was also somewhat dehydrated, so that they gave her a subcutaneous IV. The best we can hope for is that she has a nasty infection, but the vet told me that she might have liver failure. Her numbers on the liver were very, very high.

The vet did a complete CBC and those are normal. In the meantime, we are going to be feeding her science diet, and giving her pills and drops for the next few days. We could be dealing with liver failure, cancer, or just an infection. For now, T'Pring is doing okay, and as long as she is enjoying a good quality of life, we'll do what we can do to keep her healthy. When her quality of life goes down, we will have to make that heartbreaking decision all pet owners dread. We hope and pray it will be a long time from now.

We do have vet pet insurance, which reimburses us for major medical care (a note to our friends with pets, if you don't have pet insurance, get it, the peace of mind helps big time). So if our posting and emails are sporadic for the next few days, you'll know why.