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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SOA Christmas Presents - a Word to the Wise

Yeah, I know, this is a little late with eight shoppin' days to go before Christmas.  However, as mentioned on Twitter earlier, a lot of fans of 'Sons of Anarchy' have been askin' me about different websites sellin' SOA related merchandise. 

One of the best sources for information on legitimate, FX approved 'SOA' merchandise is the administrator/owner of the message board/website "SOA.Net' .  She is hard workin' and dedicated to makin' sure the fans get licensed merchandise from creditable sites.  I often say that if it's not on the FX.Net website or mentioned on 'SOA.Net' (@soadotnet on twitter), it's probably not legit.

There are other sites that sell licensed 'SOA' merchandise, such as 'Biker or Not', and  Best Buy and Wal - Mart are also good places that sell legitimate merchandise.

There are some sites out there, and a Facebook friend private messaged me about one.  I can understand the confusion from this site, because not only does it offer licensed 'SOA' merchandise that is on the FX.Net site, but there is also some stuff that makes me go 'hmmmm.'  It sure looks real/authentic, but when one checks the merchandise (like a patriotic SOA bandanna or tri fold wallet or beanie caps), they're not found there.  That would tend to tell me those items were mixed in with the legit to lead the buyer astray. 

Other places are offering a coffee cup with a picture of the 'In Memory of Opie' patch.  Someone on a SOA fan page posted a picture of it.  The person was very proud and happy to have received the cup.  Again, me thinks that somethin' is a wee bit fishy here. 

Definitely stay away from Ebay, there is far too much bootleg merchandise out there to even try to report it all, which is why I stick to just outing the bootleg DVDs of the past season.  Which reminds me, stay away from buying any Season 6 DVD sets, as it is NOT the real thing.  FX and Kurt Sutter traditionally don't release the previous season until August.  If you purchase a DVD of Season 6 now bein' offered, even though it might be factory sealed and look legitimate (with all the proper logos and such), it is not legitimate.  Mr. Sutter, the cast, the crew, the writers, the directors, and everyone who should receive somethin' from the sale - won't.  Plus, you're not goin' to get any of the extra material (gag reel, cast discussions of episodes, extended cuts, etc.,) that you get with the official version. 

Same thing goes for the possibly non legitimate stuff that is out there on the world wide web.  If it's not legit, the people who are involved in the creative process get a big fat nothin' for the sale.  It's their work that is bein' co - opted and they're the ones bein' hurt.  Contrary to popular, misguided opinion, these people DO NOT have money fallin' out of their bootays!

Apparel and most other merchandise is going to come to you with licensing tags on them.  If you get a shirt or a poster that doesn't have an authenticity tag with it, it's likely not legit.  Shirts and other apparel that just has the manufacturer name of the shirt (jerzee, etc.,) is definitely not licensed. 

It always feels good to get a present related to your favorite show from someone you love.  I hope this little epistle helps you and yours to have a licensed Reaper festival of the Season, and avoid gettin' ripped off by unlicensed merchandise. 

And because I'm a rebel and as unpolitically correct as they come, Merry Christmas and Happy 'Mew' Year!