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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Reaping Fellow Fans of SOA

I never used to be one to wear a lot of bling.  Or, as we called in the days when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, jewelry. 

As far back as late elementary school, now known as middle school, I wore my birth mother's POW (Prisoner of War) bracelets while she was in the hospital.  Then, come high school, it was the watch only, and then I added my class ring to it in Junior year.  Same for college, until a former boyfriend pawned my bloody high school class ring when I wasn't watchin'!  Though he did make it up to me by buyin' a cheap ($5) Harley Davidson ring 'cause I wouldn't wear a skull ring.   After college, and on into my adult life until marriage, it was enough to wear the watch, and maybe once in a while a pendent or a pin.

When I first began ridin' back thirty years ago, I still only wore my watch.  Nothin' else in the way of metallic decoration.  Then, when I bought my Seca 750 (aka Tig), I started wearing bling.  Not a lot of bling, but more bling than I used to.  And instead of a bandanna around my head, there's one on my left wrist where the watch used to be. (Still have watches, need to get batteries, and the cell has a clock on it, so the watch sometimes gets in the way.)

Over the last year, ever since I purchased my 1981 Yahama Seca 750 (aka Tig), I've discovered the wonderful world of rings.  'Course, I've worn my weddin' ring for the last 17 1/2 years of our marriage, and another ring (cat ring with garnet eyes, another present from the DH) for balance.  One of the nice things about the cat ring is that his little ears stick up.  They're sharp, and make enough of an impact that anyone gettin' the business end of my hand will get the point (no pun intended).

Then I got another HD ring, and to balance it, I had a mock Barnabas Collins onyx and gold ring.  It's plastic and doesn't take the bike well.  It's back to bein' a piece of memorabilia.  Then I found a paw print ring from the Animal Rescue site:

So, HD ring and weddin' ring on one hand, and my cat rings on the other hand.  Balance, symmetry, weapon.  All in one.  Did I mention that the diamond on my weddin' ring can also make a noticeable impression? 

It does.

So I kinda started lookin' like a biker babe.  Was still wearin' my watches, which were many.  One Phantom of the Opera watch with Michael Crawford's Phantom on it; a KISS Army watch with a bike chain band; two Gerald Butler watches, and two cat watches. 

Then FX Net online offered a blue SOA bandanna.  Now I don't wear bandanna's round my head; too much pressure up there.  So, I wore it on my left wrist.  Made me feel good.  And the wrist wrap with the Reaper usually got noticed by fellow SOA fans.   I can also wear the wrist wrap under my long sleeved work shirts! 

Also have the SOA wallet with the chain that keeps your wallet secure in your back pocket.  Admittedly, the chain isn't as long as Harvey Kinkle's in Sabrina the Teen Aged Witch or the SOA guys, but I don't worry about losin' my wallet any more!  And it was another thing that identified me to other fans. 

Then, when circumstances made me a little flush, I bought the SAMCRO ring from FX Net.  It was the most spent on any piece of jewelry/bling since my weddin'/engagement ring set!   It's the MOST visible affiliation I wear daily to display my love for SOA. 

Today, I had an appointment with a hematologist - or blood specialist doctor.  That's because of my on - goin' problem with anemia.  He didn't blink over my bling, neither did the staff, except to comment on my wallet for bein' chained to my britches (seein' as how it was a good idea to keep it safe). 

The blood doctor ordered blood work, which meant a trip to the laboratory to be stuck with a needle and fill a dozen vials with the red stuff.  As the phlebotomist was preparing the vials, she saw my SAMCRO ring, and mentioned she was a fellow fan.  As a result, we spent the remainder of the time talkin' about the past seasons and the season to come. 

She knew I was a total fan when I told her about Tig, the bike, and when the S4 DVD would be released.    She was also impressed by my knowledge of the show.   She and her husband can't wait for the new season, by the way.

Back in Star Trek fandom days, all we had to do was wave the Vulcan hand sign, and people knew you were a Trek fan.  Sometimes it's a little harder to tell what a person might enjoy, be it tee vee, film, or music.  There's a lot of fandom out there. 

But when you wear something that shows your love of a show, or film, or group, or animal (which is why people know I'm a cat lover, cause of my kitteh bling).  it will tend to draw attention from fellow fans.  My POTO shirts always identified me as a phan, and now my SAMCRO ring draws fellow fans. 

Or, if they're curious about what SAMCRO means, they learn from me and often check it out.  Nine times out of ten, they become fans, too.

And that's what I call Reapin' fans! 

ut I've found the wonderful world of rings.  The DH gave me my weddin' ring when we married, and it's never gone off my body since.  He also gave me a cat ring with eyes the color of his birth stone - garnet.  Wore it on my other hand for balance. 

Plus the cat's ears are a little sharp, and could do a little damage if needed