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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wierd Shit That Makes My Hair Hurt

So the Indiana Democrats spent 30 days in another state to avoid voting on bills they didn't like, only to FINALLY return to work this week and guess what? They voted on one of those bills they didn't like after all.

To top it off, some Republicans actually voted along with the Dems against the frackin' bill to subsidize vouchers for private schools for low income students!

Makes me wonder why the donkey flight across the borders in the first place!

Whankers, the whole lot of 'em.

Speakin' of whankers, TIIC at the NCAA just never cease to amaze me with their dictates.

Point in fact. The star player for Butler University has family in Conncersville. His parents and siblings wanted to go to the final four game in Houston, and Jim Irsay, owner of the Colts, offered to pay their way to go. Nice thing for the man to do, IMO.

Stop! Halt! No way! Don't you go there! Says the NCAA. That's against our rules. Unless Irsay drives the couple of hours to Connersville and donates in person to the fund to send the family to Houston. That he can do. But buying their tickets to the game, tickets for the airplane trip, lodging, travel in Houston, and giving it to the family outright is against the rules.


The good news is, the family is going, en masse. All nine of 'em. Not sure how Mr. Irsay got the money to the parents, but he did, and the people of Connersville have banded together to get the money together for the entire Howard family to watch their boy play.

As it should be.

Take that, whankers at the NCAA.

Don't get me wrong, rules are rules, and should be applied. I'm not sure what the rule is, and really don't see anything wrong with a NFL owner with lots of money paying the way for a family member of a basketball team to see their son play the game in another city over a thousand miles away. Guess the NCAA is afraid of unfair influence for the Colts? Does Butler have a football team? (No).

It's shit like this that makes my hair hurt. Thanks to Steve Simpson of WIBC - FM for that wonderful phrase.

Now, to end on a positive note. Unless all y'all don't live in Indiana (or if you did and had your head in the sand), then you heard about a school shooting in Martinsville. The victim, a 15 year old, is recovering slowly.

The city of Martinsville banded together Wednesday evening to hold a prayer walk/vigil for the wounded teen. That's pretty cool in my book. Not only did they do this to support the wounded kid, but many said they were prayin' for the kid that did the shootin'.

That's class. My hat's off to them. Instead of showin' anger and hate for the kid that did this senseless act, they are openin' their hearts and minds and liftin' the obviously confused soul to God for help.

We could all learn somethin' from them.

My prayers have been liftin' up for both sides as well.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some views of Life, The Universe, and Everything

Sorry that it's been awhile since my last blog. Just been busy with life, and gettin' my ride, Tig, the bike, ready for the Season. In Indiana, that is usually any time that it is not snowin' and the temp is above 30 degrees.

It turns out that ol' Tig needed a new, rust free gas tank. Findin' a gas tank for a 30 year old motorcycle that doesn't have rust is an adventure, but I perservered, and Tig's new tank is on the way. It's even the same color! Now I gotta get replacement nameplates for him. While I enjoy the sight of nekkid Tig on tee vee, a nekkid gas tank is just wrong, in my opinion. Yes, I'm an unabashed Sons of Anarchy fan, to name my motorcycle after my favorite character. So sue me.

The reason I'm writing in blue is in honor of Indiana's lone representative in the NCAA, the Butler Bulldogs. They are in the final four again for the second year in a row. Not bad for a 'small' university deep in the heart of Indianapolis. Most felt that BU wouldn't stand a chance after their 'star' player went to the NBA last season. Butler sure showed them! Hah! I didn't attend Butler, but since it shares the name of one of my favorite actors (Gerard Butler, just in case you didn't know), I root for 'em. Go Dawgs!

I thought it was a bit rediculous that TIIC of the NCAA would not allow Butler to bring Blue II, their living mascot, to the games with them. What did they think Blue II would do, bite the refs for a bad call? Poop on the floor? I think Blue II is a little better behaved than that, for cryin' out loud. Either ban all mascots, or let 'em all be present, but don't single out a few. Damn!

Indiana's Democratic legislative representatives finally came back to the Statehouse, after a month hiding in the neighboring state of IL. For some reason, I feel an apology is due our neighbors for that, especially the city of Urbana, for havin' to put up with our scaredy cat Demos for that length of time. 'Course, the business community of Urbana apparently benfitted from the influx, so maybe they don't need or want an apology.

The thing is, neither side really one this clash of would be titans. Nothing got accomplished in Indiana law making for 30 days. The voters got pissed off, but whether that attitude will last until November and we vote the motherfuckers out remains to be seen. The prevailing attitude is that if you or I were to take off from our jobs and hide for even one day, we'd be out on our butts seems to be the majority opinion on the street. There has yet to be a budget worked out for the state, and we wait (with baited breath) to see whether a special session would be necessary. It probably will be, and that brings up the possibility of more pay for the renegade lawmakers as a result.

The interesting and most frustrating part of this saga is that the Indiana legislature gets paid in advance for their three to four months work. There are two payments that are made to them. Therefore, while the Demos were NOT doin' the job they were elected to do, they were already paid for the work! It took awhile for TIIC to decide to fine the renegades. Collection should be interesting. There is really somethin' wrong with payin' people in advance for work to be done. You wouldn't do it for home improvement, you certainly don't get paid in advance for hours you haven't put in, so why in the Hell do we pay our elected officials BEFORE they do a damn thing? It makes no sense. But what in politics does make sense?

Trust me, some heads are gonna roll in November when these wankers in MY district come up for re - election.

I mentioned earlier that I am a fan of Sons of Anarchy. Haven't been this rabid about a show since Beauty and the Beast in the 80s, Phantom of the Opera, and the original Star Trek series of the 60s. I follow Kurt Sutter's tweets on Twitter. He's funny, he's a good thinker, and he doesn't pull any punches. He calls himself an angry prick, but he sometimes has reason to be.

One of his tweets was - again - taken out of context by the world wide web. He commented on a dispute between the showrunner for AMC's Mad Men series and TIIC (the idiots in charge, just in case you are askin' WTF is TIIC?). Someone in the blogospher/WWW took his 140 character comment and misinterperted it for their own purposes. That happens a lot with Kurt's tweets on Life, the Universe, and Everything Not Related to SOA. He wrote a very eloquent response to them on his own blog. Check it out. Unfortunately, I fear those who SHOULD read it, and learn from it, won't. *sigh*

Spring officially arrived on 21 March, but you wouldn't know it here in Indiana. It's been cold lately, temps below 40 degrees, and there was snow overnight. None of it stuck in Indianapolis, but damn it! The daffodils are peekin' up and tryin' to bloom, and Winter is still fuckin' around! Sheesh! I want Spring! Sun, warmer temps, Cubs baseball, and no snow! Don't think I'm askin' much, now.

I published my third chapter in the third book of my on - going SOA fanfiction. Already gettin' good responses. I do read all responses, whether from, email, twitter, and/or Facebook notes. Even those that aren't positive. There haven't been many negative, but I always find something to learn from. Lookin' forward to a productive weekend of writin', and rootin' for the Dawgs as well. My pen name there is Wanderingchat. Maybe get in a short ride as well, weather permitting. I'm not ridin' Tig much (get yer minds outta the gutter, ya perverts!) as I don't wanna get too much rust in the fuel line. That's what caused his issues last season.

If you wanna follow my tweets, which are NOT, contrary to popular opinon, centered on SOA, I'm Lowecat on twitter, Wanderingchat on, and Myra Lowe on Facebook. You can check me out on all those social media platforms, and see who I follow and follows me. Three hundred forty some odd people can't be wrong!

So, almost time to go to work. So have a nice day! Heh - heh - heh! And go Dawgs!

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