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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

the last quarter of the year

Today is September 1st, and we're officially in the last quarter of the year. I'm not even going to try to count how many days 'til Christmas, but can tell you that I'm behind in my shopping!

We're three weeks into the new job, and I'm still amazed at how stress free it is, even with hurricans and tropical storms along the east coast, which a good part of our coverage area contains. Course, we're not yet eligible for overtime until we're out of training, but even with overtime offers and calls in que, there are no pressures to rush the customer off the call. The more I learn about this new job, the less the stress at SBC is missed. I loved the work, and enjoyed the interaction with a great many people there, but sure do not miss all the pressure the powers that be put on us to meet numbers.