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Friday, April 09, 2004

From VHS to DVD

Now that I've figured out how to copy VHS onto DVD, am working on dubbing from one format to the better, much easier to store. My plan is to put like movies together. Currently, am copying my Star Treks (TNG/Voyager and specials) onto DVD, and will turn the VHS over to a DVD less friend. After this one special is copied, will be copying the Star Trek Cartoons.

Some DVD cases I purchased had a free DVD case label program. It works, kinda. At least it does the job for now.

DH told me that someone at his store had found a mamacat and kitten, placed the pair in a shopping cart and gave them food and water. He said he was asked if we would want them, but he said a resounding NO to the idea. Mama and baby were turned over to animal care and control, and should find a good home.

Monday, April 05, 2004

the end of kitten sitting

Our furry guest went home with his family today, but he didn't want to go home! When his people came for him, he gave a little grrr and ran off to the bedroom. Noone expected that to happen. However, with the baby finally having quit hissing at the guest early this AM, it's possible that the little one felt like he'd found cat heaven.

Fortunately, DH caught the little furball and handed him over to his people, who wrapped him gently in a blanket to keep him from being chilled and rushed him to the car before he could squirm away.

The Siamese is now back to being the lone light colored cat in the house, but he was quite happy to have his "daddy" back, and spent quite a while this evening laying in "daddy's" lap, purring away in contentment.

The other boys asked about the little one, but seemed non plussed that he had gone home. Meanwhile, the baby is happy to have her parents all to herself again (along with her brothers and elder sister).

I miss the little dickens, but DH is right. Five furbabies is enough.