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Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Picture Says It All

People become attached to strange things in life.  Material things.  Things that make them happy.  For me, over the last three years, that has been Tig (the first), the 1981 Yamaha Seca 750 motorcycle I bought in 2010. 

Tig and I have had some happy rides, the farthest being from Indianapolis to Anderson and back.  The very same day that Kurt Sutter decided to choose me as one of his first viewer challenge winners.  He and I did the Loop for Life once, though I registered for it three times! We were also involved in the charity ride to remember Mr. Wells, who was killed by (then) IMPD officer Busard, who is now awaiting trial on both that accident and a subsequent drunk drivin' charge.

We did several short rides when his gas tank was filled with rust, and also back and forth to work.  We had some frustrations, like when the shifter cable broke, and also when the throttle cable was hangin' by just a thread, causin' him to rev into the 5000's! 

Tig, the first, also gave me a unique bond with Mr. Emilio Rivera, who portrays Marcus Alvarez on Sons of Anarchy, among other roles.  Mr. Rivera once owned a Yamaha Seca as well.  He is, and always will be 'Mi Seca Amigo'. 

Through the last three years, both Cycle Re Cycle I and Sky Custom Cycle have kept him movin'.  The problem is that parts have been hard to find, and this year, we didn't get to do a lot of ridin' due to front brake issues.  Tig the first's spirit is willin', but the execution just isn't there anymore. 

So this week, I finally gave in and purchased a 2002 Honda Shadow 750 American Classic Edition (ACE).  Appropriately named 'Tig, the 2nd'.  He only has 10k on him, and we've already had a long ride today, prior to this writin'. 

It breaks my heart to do so, but I have answered three Criagslist ads lookin' for a motorcycle to rebuild or to part out.  While it's obvious that Tig the first won't go for what I initially paid out for him, it's hopeful to get what was invested in the last three years in parts. 

Whether the ads get answered, or I just sell him as scrap, Tig, the first, has been a good bike.  I'll miss him, but we go on.  I have pictures, and videos of us in action.  Those will always be there.  As will the memories. 

So goodbye, old friend,  You've been a valiant ride for the last three years.  At 32, you've earned your rest. 

Me and Tig, the First, 22 May, 2010. 
1981 Yamaha Seca 750

The 'new' Tig, Tig the 2nd. 21 Sept 2013.
2002 Honda Shadow ACE 750