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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Happy Independence Day

To many, this is a three day weekend, with picnics, fireworks, games, get-togethers, long rides for bikers. Some of us work on the holiday, hey, that's life. That's not the purpose of this blog.
Well over two hundred years ago, representatives of the original British colonies were meeting in Philadelphia to determine whether the colonies should walk away from long distance rule of Britain's throne or not. We all know the history, how the British throne was resting very heavy on the land. Taxation without representation was the rallying cry, but there was more to it than that.
During this weekend, sometime Monday in fact, TCM will run the movie musical '1776' beginning at 2pm EST. If you've never seen it, it's worth checkin' out. You'll find yourself thinkin' that not a lot has changed in politics these past couple of centuries, except they can't have rum (or any other alcoholic beverage) while Congress is in session.
But it's also a fascinatin' look at what might have been behind the writing of the Declaration of Independence and what led those few men representating 13 colonies to make a monumental decision that still affects us today.
Back in the 60's, my father had a record album called 'Up With People', it was filled with folk - rock, uplifiting tunes. One of 'em had the refrain 'Freedom isn't free. . .you've got to fight for your liberty.'
We still fight the fight for liberty today, thought the fight isn't always with bullets. We fight to protect ideas that we've held close to our hearts and minds from infancy. We fight to protect the rights of others to behave like a bunch of complete idiots, even if their behavior is hurtful. We fight to have our beliefs in a higher power, while others would trample our beliefs into the dust in favor of their beliefs. We fight to keep immigration fair - that those who come to our borders seekin' a better life for themselves do so in the time honored fashion - just as our forefathers did - instead of sneakin' across the border and demandin' to be treated like citizens. The fight for freedom continues, the manner of fighting differs.
So while you're enjoyin' your friends, family, the weather, and the holiday period, don't forget the reason for this holiday. Remember that were it not for the courage and dedication of a few, we might still be a colony, not a United (though sometimes disjointed) States.
And if you wonder what things might've been like had we not ever declared Independence, check out your local library for a book called 'The Two Georges' by Richard Dreyfuss (yes, the actor) and Harry Turtledove. It's a fascinating read.
Happy Indepdence Day all y'all!