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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We're Not Owed Anything by Anybody!

Another kerfluffle has arisen on the social nets, and this one doesn't center around yours truly (thank goodness) for once!  But it is something that I feel needs to be addressed, again.  
Recently, my favorite showrunner, Kurt Sutter, posted a link to an article about the upcomin' finale to the show 'Breaking Bad' and the influence of the social media. It's a good article, and worth readin'.  Retweetin' Sutterink here:  Why Breaking Bad’s finale will disappoint—and we’re all to blame via
SPOILER ALERT!  If you've not seen the episode 603 of SOA, do not read further.  This is the ONLY warnin' all y'all are gettin'!
Last night's episode of 'Sons of Anarchy' was dark. As it often is.  As a fan of the show, and a fan of the actor who portrays Tig Trager, Kim Coates, it was especially dark, as it looks like a fan favorite might have taken his last curtain call.   The twitterverse went nova over the possibility.  No one posted spoiler alert, as 140 charcters doesn't give one much room for such.  It's pretty much a given that you are in an area where y'all haven't seen the episode, you might hit a spoiler and to lurk at your own risk.  If not, it SHOULD be.
Well, as it happened, one particular poster on Twitter got their thongs jammed up their ass crack about spoilers.  Though the person is an East Coaster, apparently the poster doesn't watch SOA at the time it airs on television.  OK, that's fine.  Watch when y'all can.  BUT, if you cannot watch, it is unrealistic to expect people not to talk about something they are passionate about just so you don't find out too early what happened.  Not in this day and age. 
It's even more outrageous to come on line and demand that the actor portraying the chracter causing all the discussion to refrain from the conversation because YOU haven't seen the episode!  The actor wasn't even involved except havin' been tweeted by another poster about the event involving the character, and the poster didn't even give anything significant away!   The actor himself called the complainer out on this kind of behavior.  As well he should.  A multitude of other posters also advised the poster that if you don't want to know, stay off the net! 
This isn't the first time the poster has complained to people about postin' 'spoilers'.    One night, while watchin' Mr. Coates in an early career movie, I posted about what happens at the end.  The next thing I knew, the poster was all over me about spoiling the movie!  Considerin' it's been out for 20 years, what was there to spoil?  The tone of the post, and the timin' of it came at the worse time for me.  Maybe it was wrong to do so, but I immediately blocked the poster on both forums without explanation.  I was done with the person.  If that poster had read any posts of mine at all, they would've known that the 4th of every month is hard for me and why.  'Nuff said.
After seein' this poster tell the actor that he wouldn't want to make an enemy of them as there is a disability involved, I am LIVID over the person's 'The world owes me a living' attitude.  OK, you're disabled.  So are a lot of people.  It's unfotunate, but it doesn't give you a license to be an on line bully because you don't get YOUR way.  Beggin' the person on one hand to forgive you and then bein' rude and nasty the next minute won't get y'all anywhere.
What really bothers me is that Mr. Coates is still new to the social media.  He was reticent about goin' on it, and when things like this happen, it's enough to make a person want to drop out.  I hope that doesn't happen.  But it could, and who could blame him?  
It only takes one person to make ruin things for the multitude.  It's happened often in history.  Back in high school, I gave a speech about how one person could change things and not always for the better. 
As a broadcaster, I had an on-goin' fight with the people who wanted to inflict THEIR idea of what should be on the people's airwaves.  If they didn't like the words or the idea, it was something they wanted to ban.  The old sayin', 'If you don't like the message, change the channel' holds true as much today as it did back then.   Yet, we continue to have people try to dictate to the rest of us what should and shouldn't be aired because they're offended.  Or they might not get to watch when everyone else watches.
This kind of attitude is as old as time.  It's even been the basis of a parable.  I've included a clip here that despite it's age, has a timely message.  Not just for the poster, but for ANYONE who believes that they are entitled to be kowtowed to because of their situation in life.