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Saturday, April 03, 2004

more on kitten sitting

The house still sounds like a teakettle; as our little guest has both of our lady cats pretty hissed off. He's a cute little thing, and very purrsonable, and the other boy cats get along well with him. The girls are the more territorial. Our eldest I expected to be upset, but to see our normally sweet natured baby girl hiss at the guest is a sight to behold.

The kitten visitor has quite an amusing habit of chasing his tail, and then squalling because someone is pulling his tail. No one has caused any litter box mistakes so far, and he seems to have staked out a place for himself on top of the laundry hamper.

His people return for him tomorrow, and I think he's looking forward to going home. No one hisses at him there, and he really misses his people.

Friday, April 02, 2004

kitten sitting

We're kitten sitting this weekend for a dear friend. She and DD and DD's friend wanted to have a fun weekend away from home, but needed someone to watch their 6 month old kitten. Kittenface and DH to the rescue.

It's been a bit of a hiss-fest; our eldest girl is definitely NOT happy, and has been hissed off since last night, but so what else is new. However, our little furry guest has also been a little hissy with her furry hosts, but so far, no fur has flown.

Fortunately, the furbabies know that this is NOT a new addition, just a guest. I think they're looking forward to Sunday, when the guest goes home.

The kitten is a cute little thing, and we were going to keep him in a kitty cage for most of his visit. He didn't like that, and demanded release in the wee small hours of the morning, and has been on the loose in the house ever since. The other cats, except the Siamese, ignore the interloper. The Siamese is happy to have someone with the same fur color as himself in residence.

Monday, March 29, 2004

.monday monday

Another day of cooler weather, but some sun. Getting a little better from surgery, and feeling a little stronger each day.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Back at last

Yes, I know; it's been ages since I posted here. That's because I had surgery a few days (9) ago, and have been recovering. This was bariatric surgery, a gastric bypass, and all has been going well.

I am off work for another five weeks due to the surgery, and certainly appreciate having the time. Things hurt a little, and healing from being cut open takes time as well.

Life proceeds as normal; we had some nice warmth today and no rain, so it made for a wonderful day.