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Monday, February 16, 2004

more on the illness

Saw the doctor today; this is more akin to bronchitis than a cold. Partly sinus infection too, though the infection has gone down. Prescribed antibiotic to make the bronchitis go away (and $$$ on the credit card). With RX's that need immediate filling, have to go to the pharmacy and pay full price up front, then get reimbursed through the insurance. Only problem there, have to go online to get claim form, and my password doesn't work, so now have to call 'em. Oye! DH will have kittens when he find out how much this cost (hence the $$$). At least I didn't write a check for it!

Slept a lot after getting home from the doctor/pharmacy/grocery and taking first pill. The cough doesn't seem as hard, especially as long as I stay quiet, and when asleep, it barely bugs me at all, but one can't stay asleep all the time, darn it!

Also inquired into my depression. Been on Effexor 150 for over a year, and seemed to be doing okay with it, but had a little work related incident in November with being accused of customer abuse, then again this month. Now, these were extreme cases, and in both cases, I took a lot of guff/abuse from the customer themselves before a meltdown happened, and in both cases, the supervisor on duty failed to assist. Ergo, my job is safe.

I asked the Dr. if temper like what happened to me last week (after trying everything possible to get a person's phone number to make a report, and that person refusing and demanding a supervisor, and the supervisor refusing to take the call because there was no phone number) was just a case of me needing better self control, or was a part of the depression.

Surprise! It's part of the depression, and having a meltdown when fully stressed to the limit is a normal thing and not something to be ashamed of, and is NOT a character trait, despite the managers at work saying otherwise. Guess I'll have to educate them on this kind of thing. Not that it will matter, but one never knows.

I'll probably have to go through the hassle of getting her to document this, and it go on my perm record. We'll see.

Sunday, February 15, 2004


Day off from work at last. Lots of things that needed to be done, but slept in cause still feeling lousy.

Have decided this is NOT a cold; no sinus running and no sneezing. Just this damn hacking cough, and my face hurts. Thank God am seeing the doctor tomorrow on related thing, and can find out just what this is.

Did do something constructive today; cleaned the toilet with that new cleaner and brush in one thingie. It works, and that's the main thing.

Domestic goddess is NOT one of my qualities.