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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blessin's to be Thankful for

Yes, all y'all have clicked on the right blog.  I'm just not rantin' today.  This week is Thanksgivin' week, and while it's the first major family holiday without Daddy, which does hurt, it's a time for me to reflect on the more positive aspects.

First and foremost, there is the blessin' of health.  The iron infusions (there were four total) have helped with the anemia.  I still get cold easy, and still have an ice cravin', but it's not as bad as it was.  Otherwise, I'm healthy with numbers many Twiggies would covet as far as blood sugar, BP, and other numbers.  The DH is also quite healthy, as his own physical attributes. 

We are both workin' full time.  We're not livin' high on the hog, but we ARE comfortable; not rollin' pennies for gas.  We are on top of our house payments and have been since the day we closed in 2004, eight years ago in September.  Yay, us!

Though two of our furbabies remain on the AWOL list, we are blessed to have four kitties who fill our lives with their unconditional love, fur (we have a sayin' around here, cat fur is both an accessory and a condiment!), and companionship.  We hope that the two that ran away have found lovin' forever homes, though they are still missed.

My fanfic writin' continues to gain new followers, for which I feel blessed.  It's fun to delve deeper into the shows I love, and answer questions that couldn't be answered due to time constraints for the show itself.  This blog is another creative outlet, though it's more reality related.  Sometimes it's a purge of annoyances, sometimes it's a look at the entity that is Lowecat.  Thank all y'all who read, who comment, and who share.

I'm also blessed to have a large number of friends, both cyber and real life.  Some are everyday people from all walks of Life.  They have differing views on religion, politics, and the like.  Some are straight, some are gay.  Some are married, some are not.  Some are bikers, others are not.  Their presence in my life makes it that much sweeter.  People like J. Kline, P.McMonigle, D. Nickel, A. Albacete, Taz Fox,  J. Baugh, J. Diehl, B. Krulce, C. Kline, 'Big Bird', the Indy Tarts and Tartans Gerard Butler fan group, and many others too numerous to mention here.

Then there are the more famous friends, who I value immensely, not because of their celebrity, but because they are true friends who happen to be famous.  They are actors, actresses, painters, writers, photographers, bikers, singers, and broadcasters.  They have brightened my life with their art and their sharing of that art.  Most of all, the gift of their friendship means the world to me. 

A horn of plenty of family has blessed my life. Emilys, Marshs, Sheleys, and Lowes.  A blended family of husband, parents and step parents, uncles, aunts, grandparent, cousins, neices.  No matter how long it may be that we don't stay in contact, your presence in my life has made it that much richer.  We're spread out all the over the US, but thanks to phone and computer, we're still close. 

I do miss those friends who have left my life for one reason or another.  Some of them were very close and I still them every day.  It hurts my heart that we're no longer associating, but maybe it's for the best in the long run.  I don't harbor a grudge any longer.  Life's too short, and so am I. 

So this Thanksgivin', take a little time to really look at what has blessed your life.  Perhaps, like me, you might find that the bank account ain't exactly in the six figures, but the account that counts is overflowin'.

Happy Thanksigivn', all y'all.

Purrs and whisker kisses,

Lowecat =^^=