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Thursday, February 05, 2004

back to normal

DH arrived home today, the cats were very happy to see him. The Siamese was especially pleased to see his "person" home and safe.

More snow and ice is coming overnight, first snow, then ice, then if warm enough, rain to wash away the rest. Yuck!

Work is as always, busy. That's good, as if it weren't busy, there might not be work.

Not much else to talk about; it's hump day, y'know.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

bahcelorette for a night

DH is in Bloomington tonight, he and my Dad went to the IU game. This is an annual February thing for them; close to Daddy's birthday and a bit of male bonding for them. It should be interesting to find out who out snored whom in the hotel. So far, as I write, no one from the Days Inn has called to tell me he is being evicted for disturbing the peaceful slumber of others, so the seismonitors must be turned off!

This would've been a great night to get take out, stretch out, and run wild. Instead, I went straight home to the kittens, cooked leftovers (why PAY for food when one has perfectly good leftovers at home anyway?), and am enjoying a little computer time before going to bed.

Gawd, I'm getting old. Too old to party anymore

Tuesday, February 03, 2004


The Jackson family has struck again! This time, little sister Janet has outdistanced big bro in the outrageous behavior category by doing on national non syndicated tee vee what hundreds of wimmin have done on the Springer show each and every day, flashing her boob.

OK, technically, it was flashed FOR her, courtesy of Justin Timberlake. Still, it made for a rather eye-popping two seconds of tee vee, and anyone possessing TIVO or a DVR that was recording the uncensored two seconds will be in Heaven for awhile as the put that two seconds on slomo time after time after time. It certainly set the gossips wagging away all day today. Even Nightline, that staid haven of conversative network television programming, headlined the event. @@

Whether it was planned or an accident (and the bets are on that it was a plan that went a little too far), there is a time and a place to flash your boob or whatever genitalia floats your boat, and there is a time and a place for such private parts to remain, well, private.

Maybe it's just that I'm getting older and more conservative as my age creeps ever closer to the downhill side of 40. Maybe it's because during my wild and wanton youth, I never found it necessary to extend the miracle of the full moon in broad daylight, or to flash one (or both) of my best assets to the world at large.

I like a lot of Janet's music, but have to wonder why ANY woman with a lick of sense would allow herself to demean herself in such a manner by allowing ANYONE to grab onto her mammary gland in public, much less tear fabric from it!

C'mon ladies, let's be a little more respectful of ourselves, otherwise the wolves out there will continue to think it's open season.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

A quiet day--at last!

Today was a nice, quiet day. I stayed at home and vegged out. Cats purring nearby, a nice and hot cup of white chocolate latte on the table, and catching up on my tee vee viewing. Our DVR recorder/cable box is jumpy on playback. DH thinks it's due to weather; I'll see what happens this week, and if still jumpy, will call the cable people for a fix or exchange.

I read a little (Royal Duty) and did some wash, but just generally relaxed. Will have to make the sandwiches for tomorrow's lunches and put a new load of laundry in the washer, but that's the extent of the work I did today.

Every one is entitled to a "lazy" day. Today was mine.

No more wally world!

Have been online comparing prices on name brand DVD recorders, and found a DVDR at wally world for under $400. Could have ordered on line but something like this is not a good thing to have sitting out in the elements until DH or I get home. I decided to trek to WW Saturday for my personal holy grail of electronica.

In stores that I know have electric carts for handicapped persons, I use crutches. Usually WW has several carts. The only one available was out of order. I waited awhile, then grabbed a cart and limped to electronics. This wasn't easy as running/unattended children and adults in perpetual stop tended to take up the main aisle.

After looking all over for the DVDR's, asked a clerk where they are. Locked up for security. He retreived my heart's desire which I paid for at the department, and started to make my painful way back to the exit. Unfortunately, a family of five with two carts, STANDING SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE blocked my path!!!

Two polite "excuse me"s went ignored, as was the more determined one that followed as they were engrossed in debating which direction to take. I couldn't go around because of people stopped behind me also wanting through. I snarled, "Get the HELL out of the middle of the damn aisle so people can get through!" They had the nerve to look offended and did nothing to quell the unkind comment issuing from their offspring.

Again dodging the children/adult aisle obstacle course, I finally got to the exit and a bench to rest. The greeter, however, stopped me because he "had to see my receipt" which was in my purse. I asked if he'd let me sit down; he just had to see it BEFORE I could do so.

Maybe not all wally worlds are this chaotic, but as God is my witness, I will NEVER enter another wally world again!

bwitch on wheels friday

Friday was not a good day. In fact, if it were possible, I'd have been better off to hide under the bed all day.

You know you're screwed when your breakfast is making fast tracks out when you SHOULD be driving to work. Since DH didn't have to go to work until 2, it didn't seem unreasonable to hope he'd help me in my pickle; he started the car while I screamed epithets about my clothes, my bag, my badge, and other things not cooperating.

I managed to get to the parking garage w/out damaging the PT despite getting stuck in the driveway; DH had parked behind me, so I had to manuever in the unshoveled side, and got stuck. Screaming more epithets, honking the horn in between rocking the car to get traction, I finally got unstuck.

The parking garage attendent, an old geek who is probably very nice but was the bane of my existence that day, wouldn't let me in. I pay to park during 2nd shift. The card doesn't work before 2pm. My shift starts at 12pm, I was trying to get into the garage at 1140am and have to get a ticket for the difference. When the full light is on, no ticket. We shouted back and forth at each other for five minutes before he ambled to the machine, stabbed the button 14x before realizing I was right after all and ambled back to the control panel to turn off the light.

I was a minute late to work; not enough to get in trouble, but out of breath and experiencing severe pain from slipping on the untreated sidewalk outside the building where I park.

Things didn't go much better at work; it seemed that none of the departments wanted to work together, and the customers were all angry over one thing or another that wasn't our departments fault for once. It took every ounce of self control in me not to throw the phone and computer across the room at times.

The weekend looms ahead, I don't HAVE to be anywhere, and may be able to get my sense of perspective back.