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Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day 2013

This is the second Father's Day without Daddy.  This year is more difficult than last year.  Maybe because there's beenmore time pass since he died as compared to last year.  But the loss still hurts.   Everyplace I look, there's gift givin' and card reminders poppin' up that remind me he's not here.  It's like havin' a scab come open over and over again.  It never seems to heal.  

But this isn't a 'woe is me' blog.  This is for all the Dads and their kids.  

Dads, your children are your legacy.  Love them.  Listen to them.  If you aren't still marked to their Mom (or never married the mother), don't just sign a support check and think that's all you need to do.  Make time for your kids, no matter how old the child is.  Respect your child's option, even if you don't agree.  Guide and discipline firmly. Be fair.  Hug your child.  Be supportive without it amounting to dollars and cents.  Teach your children right from wrong.  And above all, accept them as the individual they are.  

Kids, no matter what your age, love your dad.  Honor his advice, even if it's old fashioned. Respect your father's opinions, even if they differ from yours.  Talk to your Father.  Respect him because he has earned it by giving you Life. Don't play favorites with your parents, or compare o e over the other.  Parenting is hard.  Any dick can do ate sperm a Father lives you enough to say 'no' when it'd be easier to give in. 

If your Father is still alive, no matter what issues may physically separate you, deep down, you know you love him.  Tell him.  Fathers, no matter what issues may physically separate you from your child, let that child know you love him/her.    

And not just on Father's Day.   

If I could have just one more day, one more hour, or even one more minute with Daddy, it would be to let him know one more time that I love him.