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Saturday, July 26, 2014

What Biker's Code?

A good friend of mine was injured in a bike wreck several weeks ago.  All y'all can read about it here, then come back.  I'll wait.

Welcome back.  The motorcyclist and his rider, his lady friend, were the ones injured but got little media attention due to the police officers that were also injured by the same driver. 

I don't have a problem with the story.  What I'm bothered about is that very few bikers who know my friend attended a benefit ride for him today.  And that's what has me wonderin' about the biker code.  

Any rider worth his or her salt knows one of the tenets of the biker's code.  Doesn't matter if you're a 'weekend warrior' or an one percenter.  It's a universal code we riders/bikers recognize.  One of those is helpin' a fellow biker, especially when they're hurt. 

My friend and his lady are still recoverin' from injuries, so this ride was intended to help them pay for medical bills, food, utilities, and the other every day things that won't wait for insurance and lawsuit settlements.  

Considerin' the number of bikers who call my buddy 'friend', the turnout today was minimal and disappointin'.  Only 10 bikes arrived.   I was goin' to ride, but Tig, the Honda, picked up somethin' in his front tire that is causin' the tire to lose air.  Like a lot of air.  

It's possible that the earlier rains this mornin' scared off a few people from attendin', but the organizer was callin' everyone she knew who knows our friend, and not gettin' much response.  

Well, the other bikers went on with the ride, and since I have to work, the husband is goin' to drive out to the hog roast later and give my friend some cash.  It's not a lot, but I know my friend will appreciate the gesture.  

But this makes me wonder, why would people who claim to be a friend to this guy just not show up?  Does the Biker's Code really exist after all? 

I'm hopin' that the people who didn't show for the ride itself will show up at the hog roast later, and that they give a little somethin' to my friend and his lady to help them.  He deserves better.   All riders deserve better.